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Flavour/taste in genny with SS mesh

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  • Flavour/taste in genny with SS mesh

    I guess many of us have heard that flavour can be really good in a genny. So am starting a thread on this topic.
    Of course, i am only talking about SS mesh, that is the unique element ( can be steel wire also, will cover that separately ).
    So vaped quite a bit of some NETs on the kraken and a bit on the satburn 22 yesterday.
    On the kraken, the stock drip tip that comes with it didnt impress me ( taste was reduced ), so i used the KF lite drip tip ( which is my favourite ). So the taste intensity was lower than in KF lite ( i am comparing with KF lite, which is my favourite by far ). For example, perique from HOL has a unique intense taste - it was definitely reduced in the kraken. But i got a certain twist to the flavour ( aroma ) which i dont get in the KF lite. The minotaur ( another NET ) was pretty enjoyable in the kraken - very close to that in the KF lite - only that the taste was milder - aroma was pretty much similar.
    I am doing a side by side comparison, and will update as i try more eliquids.
    Encourage others also to share their experience.
    BTW, after around 5ml or so of NETs, the mesh gunked up and i took it out and torched it thoroughly and put it back in ( with the same coil ). Is working pretty well, not sure its as good as new - but will try more today

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    Re: Flavour/taste in genny with SS mesh

    Throughout the time my compi was dead, I did nothing but played with Gennies .. the Kraken mainly. The version that I received, didn&#039;t have a DT :/

    Oh well, I got plenty DTs lol.

    What I have figured out, you can&#039;t really take it as a dripper and make any kind of build and push any sort of wattage through it. Gennies ask for delicacy.

    Made a lot of different builds with 350, 400 and 450 mesh. Pushed higher wattage with thicker wires but all of that got me to cough bad. Well, you know when you push the Gennies too far what happens hehe.

    400 is my favorite after experimenting a lot (about 8 different kinds of builds). And the wire, 0.25 (32 AWG). The only reason to like 0.25 wire is that it wraps nicely around the mesh without leaving some gap. If there&#039;s gap anywhere, it is going to produce some vape from the hell. Gap as in, the wire not touching the mesh.

    Kraken works nicely with thinner wire builds. Can&#039;t say the flavor was outstanding but it was good. A nice mild vape with moderate fog and moderate flavor. Not really enjoying Krakens that much. But that&#039;s just me


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      Re: Flavour/taste in genny with SS mesh

      I kind of agree with you bhai. With most of what you have said.
      I was able to push the kraken to 20-22W - needs around 40mm of mesh. I was also using 400 ( i dont have anything else right now ). I first built it with 26awg and later with 30awg - agree with you, thinner the wire, easier to wrap and avoid hot spots ( the type of hotspot due to non-contact ). I have avoided 32 awg, just to avoid the possibilty that the wire snaps while adjusting for a hot spot
      After vaping quite a few juices through it, i tend to agree, its ok on flavour - one or two come out well, but is no match for the KF lite, overall it terms of taste and flavour