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satburn 22 clone from FT

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  • satburn 22 clone from FT

    Sharing my experiences with the sat22 clone as i am using it:
    The clone from FT is not perfect. For example, the wick hole is supposed to be 2.5mm , but is smaller - so its not a 1:1. So it is difficult to get it to wick well, with such a reduced wick hole.
    Another issue with it that if you try to fill through the fill hole, then the eliquid comes out through the wick hole immediately, pressure buildup - really irritating, only option is to use a needle tip , so that a part of the fill hole can let air pass
    Another drawback is that its difficult to use any other drip tip with it, and i dont much like its stock drip tip as it has a very large bore, significantly reducing the taste on the tongue.

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    Re: satburn 22 clone from FT

    Good review Kalc bhai and agree with you, Sat22 isn&#039;t really all that much as some people on FT rave about it.


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      Re: satburn 22 clone from FT

      Bhai, was just highlighting the issues with the clone on FT - am vaping it once in a while , its ok to vape and has good tank capacity, very tiny and reduced chamber, if that makes a difference to someone