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Clapton Coil Build Tutorial

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  • Clapton Coil Build Tutorial

    Just a little tutorial for anyone who is not aware of the clapton coils. I built my first clapton coil a year ago but then didn't find much interest in it. However, I recently got an itch to try some cloud chasing builds.

    Cut out about 7 inches of 0.45 (25 AWG) wire and then cut out about a meter of 0.25 (30 AWG) wire. Held both the wires together and then started wrapping the thinner wire over the thicker wire, just like we wrap the wire on the screwdriver to make a microcoil.

    Although there are other methods for making clapton coil but I like to go with the manual method. While wrapping the wire, kept tightening the wraps around the thicker wire. Once done, I was ready for building my clapton coil on my the Dark Horse atty.

    Went ahead with single coil 6 wraps on 2.5mm screwdriver. The resistance came up to 0.9 ohm since it's a single coil I built. Had it been dual coil, it would've been around 0.4 ohm.

    [img width=600 height=760][/img]

    Vaping @ 40 watts on this baby and it is producing tons of vapor even with single coil. Will try dual coil clapton coil setup tomorrow. Even 2mg feels like 12mg with a clapton coil. Good throathit and flavor with tons of vapor production

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    Re: Clapton Coil Build Tutorial

    Howd u make the coil? Twisted?


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      Re: Clapton Coil Build Tutorial

      Good one bhai.. I might give it a shot.. Nickel wrapped on kanthal.. Now only if I am able to make some time available for it.


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        Re: Clapton Coil Build Tutorial

        [quote author=Jayk link=topic=699.msg7983#msg7983 date=1434898946]
        Howd u make the coil? Twisted?

        Take thick wire and wrap thin wire around it just like you wrap wire around a screwdriver to make regular coils. It's freagin time consuming and have to make a few hundreds wraps before you are done