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eliquid Manufacturers in India

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  • eliquid Manufacturers in India

    Hello folks, i don't know why but all the e liquids i have bought from the Indian manufacturers have strong fragrance and the taste is completely off. I bought 7 eliquids from ivape smoka including some with very good reviews and recently i bought three liq's from Mystic Plumes. All i can say is that i get some strong fragrance but muted and very fumy taste, as if there's some spirits mixed in those. I definitely feel some mentholish cooling sensation on some parts of my tongue that are exposed to the vape directly even when the Mystic e liq doesn't have any menthol. The ivape smoka is crap, i am never ever buying one. Mystic is better but as i mentioned some weird spirit taste and muted flavor.

    I bought the peach and lemon breezy mount baker vapor juice from purevapors and it is very very good, i can feel the difference straightaway but it's expensive and also they have only 50/50 6mg liquids. I steeped the desi e liquids but they still taste bad. Can anyone suggest something? Any e liq that is really good ADV specifically from any of the Indian manufacturers.

    PS: I use new coil heads with new liquids, i actually have 5 Atomizers that i use also steeping doesn't help, i don't want to steep for days and weeks, i'd better make my own e juice.

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    Re: eliquid Manufacturers in India

    all i can say is give a try to ali's eliquids and you will be so glad you did. i ordered from most indian vendors and loved ali's flavors the best, hands down.


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      Re: eliquid Manufacturers in India

      hey, where can i order this ali's e-liquid.
      Nishant Agarwal


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        Re: eliquid Manufacturers in India

        [quote author=nishant_vaper link=topic=2093.msg17825#msg17825 date=1462003283]
        hey, where can i order this ali's e-liquid.

        Ali bhai has a FB page now