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  • E-liquid mixing help

    I want to start mixing my own e-juice. Canít really afford to keep buying premium juice itís buring a hole in my pocket as I vape away 5-7ml liquid a day. I like fruity juices like strawberry, grape , watermelon and blueberry . Grape and watermelon are like must haves for me. After going through reddit and e-liquid-recipes and watching a lot of YouTube videos on mixing, Iím more confused than ever. Top and bottom note I donít get that. Itíd be really great if someone could show me the staring point with like 5 must have flavours to get stared. After some research Iíve figured it out that Strawberry ripe by TFA and Bavarian cream are a must have but couldnít find a simple grape or a watermelon recipe. So if someone could help me out thatíd be really great. Thank you.