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E-liquid mixing help

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  • E-liquid mixing help

    I want to start mixing my own e-juice. Canít really afford to keep buying premium juice itís buring a hole in my pocket as I vape away 5-7ml liquid a day. I like fruity juices like strawberry, grape , watermelon and blueberry . Grape and watermelon are like must haves for me. After going through reddit and e-liquid-recipes and watching a lot of YouTube videos on mixing, Iím more confused than ever. Top and bottom note I donít get that. Itíd be really great if someone could show me the staring point with like 5 must have flavours to get stared. After some research Iíve figured it out that Strawberry ripe by TFA and Bavarian cream are a must have but couldnít find a simple grape or a watermelon recipe. So if someone could help me out thatíd be really great. Thank you.

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    ok, guys update here. Finally, after going through many recipes from multiple sites I finally decided to order few flavors. I ordered all TFA flavors as I've heard only good things about the company. I ordered watermelon, grape juice, apple, strawberry ripe, dragonfruit, kiwi double and cotton candy(ethyl maltol) to begin with. Of course, I got VG and PG 500ml and 250ml respectively. The first e-liquid I mixed was a 12 monkeys clone, which turned out amazing. Well, it wasn't a perfect clone by any means but it was very fruity, sweet and enjoyable all day vape. I make all my e-liquids at 3mg strength so nicotine consumption on my end is very low. I've further made couple more e-liquids which have turned out good. As I don't have a scale I mix by volume. And I would recommend any beginner to get a couple of blunt tip needles if not at least get some 14 or 16 gauge needles, this will make the process so much easy.

    And if you are a beginner that likes fruity stuff you should look up recipes and order accordingly, in spite of that if anyone is looking forward to start mixing I'd be glad to help out with anything. I'd recommend you buy a dairy flavor like the Bavarian Cream or malted milk even if you haven't tried dairy flavors before as they'd be great to make fruit infused milkshakes. And instead of getting cotton candy, I'd recommend you go for either the super sweet Capella or Sucralose sweetener as cotton candy kinda adds a synthetic candy-like flavor to the natural fruity flavors.
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      Bro, can you share your number, this is Ashish and my number is 9716005645.
      will be grateful for your guidance