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Stratum Al- SX350

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  • Stratum Al- SX350

    Super mini boxmod from Russian producers, one of the most compact mods under 1x18650 working on a chip SX350 from YiHi.

    Technical features:
    Chipset - Yihi SX350 without TC
    Housing - anodized aluminum
    Height - 76 mm
    Width - 38 mm
    Thickness - 24 mm
    Weight - 89.8 g

    Modder is engaged in the production of Victor ol from Nizhny Novgorod, the device is available in several finishes, material construction of the body - plastic or anodized aluminum. 510 connector spring-loaded.
    In general, the device is interesting only for its size and weight, comparable to Eleaf iStick.

    Deficiencies at Stratum Al are not many, the first minus is not too significant - no possibility of installing the battery flat plus.
    Another minus - a transcendental a price tag of 350~450 $ for the aluminum box, the normal method of implementing no sale goes on the record on a page in facebook. It's sold in auctions on FB (now this is crazy stuff).

    What is the reason overprays hard to say, because the total value of parts are unlikely to be over $ 80.

    I got in love[emoji7] at 1st sight with this beauty but brain is as always...nope, no, wait etc etc.

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    Re: Stratum Al- SX350

    Wow, nice find Amit bhai .. what a gorgeous little mod! Would definitely love to put my hands on one provided it is below $100


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      Re: Stratum Al- SX350

      Yeah bro super cool !

      But it's not sold online; there's booking via some list/auction.

      Strange and ppl are like nutz queueing the list on FB just like iPhone releases. . .

      soon to launch sx350j with TC☺

      Just check the FB group "Stratum SX350"

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        Re: Stratum Al- SX350

        I want

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          Re: Stratum Al- SX350

          Stratum mod resale in Malaysia at whooping 1000$.
          Now this surely is a bug or what??


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            Re: Stratum Al- SX350

            Elitist idiots are everywhere man. Although I understand that some like to buy expensive items, but seriously, if I someone put their turd on ebay auction, I'm sure there will be buyers for it too.

            It's just ludicrous to see this sorta stuff happening..