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Best Temperature Control/Protection Box Mods Till Date

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  • Best Temperature Control/Protection Box Mods Till Date

    Let&#039;s put together a list of the best temperature protection box mods till date. This list would have good recommended mods that have good board inside and are safe to use. This list is NOT focused to cheap devices available out there but to focus good quality temp control box mods only. We have seen problems with cheap mods (tube and box mods) and we&#039;ve seen discussions over putting together a list of safe mods that are built with quality parts. So here we go, let&#039;s put together a list that everyone can refer to and buy good quality reliable mods.

    HCigar HB40 Box Mod ($80)

    This is one good mod developed by HCigar and uses an authentic Evolv DNA40 board. Available only at a few places (not available on FT). The mod is priced around $80 and you also need 1x 18650 battery to use this mod. The mod looks pretty with it&#039;s gorgeous display and the size of the mod is nice too (95 x 50 x 24 mm). This beauty is available on Gearbest for $78 approximately but could be available at other places too.

    VaporShark rDNA40 ($130)

    Reviewed by Kallol bhai earlier over here, this mod is actually very good looking and made quite a buzz when it was released! It comes with the Evolv 40D board installed and requires 1x 18650 to power. Loaded with all the safety features and authentic Evolv chip, it&#039;s one of the most recommended temp control/protection box mods. It is available at a very few places. I guess, the best place to buy it would be VS itself. The size of the mod is better than the HCigar HB40 (size: 82 x 42 x 24 mm). It&#039;s available at Vaporshark website.

    Yihi SX Mini M Class SX350J ($200)

    One of the costly ones for sure! Sunny bhai posted the M Class review here a few months ago. Yihi entered the box mods market with the M Class and S Class mods. I think the S Class was variable wattage but the M Class is powered with their own board, the SX350J which is a 60 watts temp control chip. By the way, their new 75 watts Yihi SX Mini ML Class is also coming out soon and will be priced probably more than the M Class ... sheesh! Anyhow, the 60w TP mod is also an excellent mod and available at selective online stores. You will have to look around to find one for sure. Or better yet, wait for the ML class to come out.

    HCigar VT200 DNA 200W ($137)

    Packed with authentic Evolv DNA200 board and powered with LiPo battery, this is one of the most talked about mod at the moment. The DNA200 market is going berserk and new mods are popping out everywhere but there are a fewer reliable ones. The HCigar VT200 is a very good and probably among the cheapest box mods with that board. You can buy the mod here on FT (HCigar VT200 Mod) and probably reduce the price by using coupon XMAS or PRICECONTROL (whichever works). The mod is pretty compact with dimensions 96 x 53 x 25 mm. The mod comes with inbuilt battery and charger. You don&#039;t need separate batteries and/or charger with it.

    VaporShark DNA 200 Box Mod ($200)

    Not cheap by any means but very reliable. We all know VS produces some good quality box mods. Their rDNA40 is one of the famous mods and they recently launched the new mod powered with Evolv DNA200 board. The mod is made out of 6061 Aluminum and this time, they&#039;ve taken care of the paint issues which people talked about in their previous mods. The battery is 10 Watt hour 3S Lipo Battery which can be charged fully in 90 minutes using a 2A charging source. Another great feature of the mod is that it is programmable using the Escribe software. The only con to this mod would be it&#039;s price. But you get what you pay for. You pay for the quality and there you have it!

    EFusion DNA 200 by Lost Vape ($180)

    Another gorgeous looking squarish box mod available for $180. Lost Vape is following up their Esquare DNA 40 with the Efusion DNA 200. This box is absolutely gorgeous, housing an authentic Evolv DNA 200 with a 1300 mAh FullyMax battery. Precision machined out of 6061 T6 aluminum, polished, and then anodized and finished with Pioneer Metal Finishing&#039;s Bright Dip Anodized Gloss Finish. This mod is loaded with well designed little touches, such as an XT30 battery connector and custom milled ultra responsive stainless steel buttons, that make it a pleasure to vape on and looks amazing too! The dimensions of the mod are 85 x 60 x 25 mm. And the mod can be bought here at VaporDNA.

    Wismec Reuleaux DNA200 ($140)

    Another wonderful mod that&#039;s making quite a buzz in the Ecig world! And, probably the only box mod powered with Evolv DNA200 that works with 18650 batteries. You need 3x 18650 batteries with this mod. The price is around $140 but has a bundle offer with 8% discount if you buy the mod and the Sony VTC4 batteries. You can get the mod + batteries for about $150, can check the details over here. The size of the box mod is 84 x 50 x 40 mm, thanks to the unique way of fitting batteries in this mod. Wismec as we know is a subsidiary of the famous Joyetech brand, the quality will definitely be above average (if not outstanding). Well, this mod is getting pretty good reviews on the tube. If the price isn&#039;t a letdown, go for it!

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    Re: Best Temperature Protection Box Mods Till Date

    Andy bhai some ranking on DNA200 devices, other the one from pbusardo, from an Indian perspective.

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      Re: Best Temperature Protection Box Mods Till Date

      Evolv DNA200 two value options that I see now are

      1) HCigar DNA200 - 130$ from FT

      2) Wismec Reuleaux DNA200 - 111$ from everzon. (Add extra cost of 3x18650 batts obviously)

      Both have brilliant reviews so far...[emoji2]


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        Re: Best Temperature Protection Box Mods Till Date

        Andy bro, I see Saurabh Sinha and other modders as option for DNA200 MODS: &quot;Make in India&#039;-

        Price: 8500/- Rs ~ 9500/-Rs (as per request)
        Delivery: within 2 weeks

        I use DNA200 modded by Saurabh, it&#039;s performing well no issues so far.

        Benefit: Local After Sales Support


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          Re: Best Temperature Protection Box Mods Till Date

          DNA 200 vapor shark, efusion, VT 200 - all good.
          DX 200 i have - no problems for me, but a couple of others had issues
          Also a DNA200 18650 from Saurabh


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            Re: Best Temperature Control/Protection Box Mods Till Date

            Added all to the list


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              Re: Best Temperature Control/Protection Box Mods Till Date

              God job bro


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                Re: Best Temperature Control/Protection Box Mods Till Date

                Another DNA200 device .. the S200 DNA 200 Box Mod ..

                Price: $169.99 (Available here on VaporDNA)


                High Grade Hardened Aluminum Construction
                1300 mAh 3S Lithium Polymer Battery
                Ergonomic Design
                Follows the Lineage of Project Sub-Ohm® Project Square™ Box Mods
                Rounded Curve
                Sleek Curves
                Elegant and Timeless Chassis Design
                Striking Semi-Hidden Chamfered Edge
                Visible from Front and Top Only
                Limited Edition Blue Accent Bezel and Button
                Stainless Trim Around Firing Button
                Stainless Steel Threadpoints
                Ensures Durability
                Silver Plated 510 Contact
                Balanced Engraving Layout
                Signature Project Square™ Engraving
                Iconic Project Sub-Ohm® Engraving
                Triple Vent Hole Location


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                  Re: Best Temperature Control/Protection Box Mods Till Date