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Smok X Cube 2

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  • Smok X Cube 2

    Recently bought Smok X Cube 2 and after using for 1 week below is my review,

    1. Packaging was good, Fit and finishing is very nice. Fit perfectly in my hand and its little heavy which i like.
    2. Magnetic battery door was not at all problem for me as many youtuber said thin their review.
    3. Power is more then enough 180w
    4. i have not used TC function as i dont have TC wires...
    5. Bluetooth feature is good. Handy for tracking daily usage
    6. There is a led light along the fire button which is very trendy. I adjust regularly according to occasion.
    7. Its look very rich in hand , Futuristic and definitely eye catchy. Many people come and inquire about the product.
    8. Pricing have came down so good time to buy it.

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    Thanks for reading, Ask me any question you have...