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The Innokin Disrupter

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  • The Innokin Disrupter

    Innokin is going to release soon a new style mod where the control unit is separate and can be attached to a separate LiPo unit ( of different colors ) which also they are making. So the user can separately buy the batts currently at 2000mah as and when required. So basically they are introducing a new style
    Quite interesting
    [img width=600 height=385][/img]
    The Innokin Disrupter:
    Operating Voltage: 3.0V-7.5V
    Operating Wattage: 6.0W-50W
    Clearomizer Resistance: 0.2Ohm (minimum)
    Charging: Micro USB DC5V/1A
    Large Bright OLED Screen
    Left/Right Screen Flip
    Large Durable buttons
    InnokinCell Slide n’ Lock System
    15 second cutoff
    Remembers last Voltage or Wattage setting Ohms Meter & Battery Level Indicator & Puff Counter
    InnokinCell Vaping Power :
    Engineered for Superior Vaping
    Real Power
    300 Full Charge Cycles
    Real 2000mah Capacity
    Tri-LED Touch Power Indicator
    20Amp Max Continuous Output
    Standard MircoUSB Charging Port
    Vape While Charging Technology
    Overcharge Protection
    Overheat Protection
    Auto Shutoff
    Short Circuit Protection
    Unique Identification Number with Online Verification
    Color Customize your mod 21 beautiful and long lasting color combinations!

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    Re: The Innokin Disrupter

    It is expected that they will come out with higher batt capacity in future. Also a TP control unit can also be expected.


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      Re: The Innokin Disrupter

      Game changer from innokin


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        Re: The Innokin Disrupter

        indeed Sunny bhai - innokin does good stuff & their stuff works great - this will be quite interesting


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          Re: The Innokin Disrupter

          check out the above link .On the same line as the disrupter.


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            Re: The Innokin Disrupter

            Actually, I have long thought over a similar idea but never could get something done of that sort ..

            [img width=600 height=514][/img]

            The red unit is the one that carries all the chip, switch, connector, display, charging port, etc. The other units are battery attachments. Something on those lines could allow a user to select/attach whatever MAH they wish to carry along.


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              Re: The Innokin Disrupter

              Indeed bhai - we are basically talking abouta a modular design approach where the main board is capable of firmware update & the cabling is robust enough to handle huge amounts of power dissipation.


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                Re: The Innokin Disrupter

                Yes Gaurav, have seen that - the main difference imo, is that the batts- one doesnt have to buy - we have the quality of innokin there also - there is a lot of uncertainty about buying these batts standalone - that issue will be removed. Innokin has always stood for the highest quality in vaping technology

                [quote author=gaurav88 link=topic=758.msg8749#msg8749 date=1436209931]

                check out the above link .On the same line as the disrupter.


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                  Re: The Innokin Disrupter

                  BTW, thanks a lot for sharing that Gaurav


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                    Re: The Innokin Disrupter

                    7 months and my mvp is still working like a champ! So I completely agree with you!

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                      Re: The Innokin Disrupter



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                        Re: The Innokin Disrupter

                        Was seeing the video review of Phil and sure enough , the interchangeable batt idea is mainly driven from a safety point of view to isolate the consumer from having to buy batts about which he is not sure ( with fakes around ).
                        Anyway, coming to the mod, there are a few niggles:
                        The up & down button are placed the other way round, so counter intuitive.
                        Removing the batt can be an issue if the atty is even slightly more than 22mm in dia.
                        Sometimes, the batt section can come off the mod.


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                          Re: The Innokin Disrupter

                          With dadas latest review.. Will wait for some more time on disrupter.. Mvp 3.0 pro.. Are you mine? :P


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                            Re: The Innokin Disrupter

                            Yes MVP3.0 pro is of course going to be solid.
                            But with the introduction of the disrupter a new style will start.


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                              Re: The Innokin Disrupter

                              Haider posted that Mayank has won the innokin giveaway - Congrats Mayank