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Phenomenon RTA Review, A Good Flavor Atomizer

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  • Phenomenon RTA Review, A Good Flavor Atomizer

    The Phenomenon RTA is a mouth to lung rebuildable tank atomizer. It looks gorgeous, easy to build, holds good amount of juice and good for M2L vapers as well as for light lung hitters. Well, that's for all the TLDR folks. Continue to read if you wish to know more

    Price: $13.77 (FT SKU 5620700)

    Phenomenon RTA Review

    The Phenomenon RTA is mainly designed for M2L and is a flavor chasing RTA with good juice capacity (4 ml). It has 6 airflow holes in total that look like 2mm holes. However, on the deck, there are just 3 small 1mm holes. You can use it as a M2L atty or light direct lung hits atty, it works both ways. However, it is more for the M2L vapers.

    The design is gorgeous with SS above and below and plastic tank. Really wish it was a glass tank in the middle but that's ok for me because I don't use any citric eLiquids that may crack the tank. Filling and refilling is done by unscrewing the tank and the chimney together while exposing the build, which may be a little tricky at times. If you are unscrewing the tank and not unscrewing the chimney along with, you might end up with spilling all of the juice out of the tank. So, care is needed while filling/refilling.

    The Phenomenon RTA's deck is just like a Kayfun lite style tank but with bigger juice channels. The posts are regular KF style again. It may be a little tough to put the wire under those screws but wrapping the wire around and then tightening the screws is an easier way. I've had no trouble holding the wire beneath the screws.

    I wicked mine just like I wick my Subtank Nano RTA, the funnel wicking. I leave the juice channels completely unobstructed. Just put the wick through and from the center, spread it out in all directions. Stick the bottom part of the wick to the deck just near the juice channels. The juice will enter through the channels and go straight to the center of the wick and straight to the coil. That way, you get loads of juice running to the coil and zero leaks since you spread the wick evenly in all directions. Liquids like to stick around, so if you give them enough spread-out wick, the juices won't leak out of the airholes at all.


    I found the Phenomenon RTA very good on flavor and good amount of fog. It works fine with higher VG juices provided you wick it just like I mentioned. Spread the wick ends from the center outwards. It holds 4ml juice which means, hours of vaping without the need of refilling. The drip tip on top is also nice and matches with the tank. Really loved this atty and would recommend it to others.

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    Re: Phenomenon RTA Review, A Good Flavor Atomizer

    This atty looks and sounds neat, was curious when you posted this with the kangside mod the other day. Was looking for something just like this when I ordered a Kayfun lite clone recently on FT, guess this one will have to be the next. Thanks for bringing such a nice atty into our attention.