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Quick review of Subtank Mini, Deringer and Kayfun Lite

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  • Quick review of Subtank Mini, Deringer and Kayfun Lite

    By the kindness of Mumbai customs I have come upon a whole lot of kit than anticipated. So I have been tinkering and can now share some early thoughts.

    Subtank Mini
    For someone with a long history of unreliable kit the Subtank Mini is a revelation. It's simple, robust and just works! I have been trying a number of flavours from Mystic Plumes and compared to my Evod and iClears this is by far a new level of performance for vapers.

    First the flow is very easy, I hate sucking on mods for hours of end trying to get some response. You want to press that button and feel the flavour and not have to pop your eyes and clench your facial muscles to get a hit. That feels desperate, this is not a tank that robs grown men of their dignity on YouTube.

    It's easy flowing, it's relaxed. The vapour is rich, warm, flavourful and plentiful. I think the word 'luscious' comes to mind. You get 3 settings for airflow control and all open works best for me.

    I did not detect any noticeable flavour enhancement or deterioration between the settings.

    The OCC coils are good. You typically get a 0.5, 1.2, and 1.5 coils. I tried all 3 at various wattages and around 15-20 watts is the sweet spot. The RBA is better in my opinion. It quite simple to build and install a coil. Takes less than 5 minutes and beats the OCCs in terms of flavour and volume. 1ohm spiral or micro coils were a sweet spot. Plenty of vapour and flavour and you do get a wet vape at times.

    The trick to better the OCC coils is to have proper wicking. This is a bit critical. Too much wick and you get dry hits and taste dry cotton, too little and you get a weak low vapour vape that does the device no justice. It just takes some practice. Nothing complex. Ensure there is some space below the coil. I have not been building coils for ages so take this with a huge pinch of salt.

    Deringer RDA
    An RDA or rebuildable dripping atomiser is a great option for trying lots of juices quickly. Just a few drops and you are good to go. The Deringer is a bit wild and temperamental and needs some time to tame. It's got a reputation for flavour once you get it right.

    You need to get the coil and wicking right or you will get a lot of heat and noise but no vapour or flavour.

    You need to try to position the coil in the center on either of the ends. This means the centre leg needs to be shorter. Its important to make sure there is some space for airflow below the coil so it can't be flush against the edge or the bottom.

    The amount of cotton is crucial. When coiling the cotton can't be too loose or too tight and it should be fluffy and touching the base. Get this wrong and performance will be pitiful but get this right and you will be rewarded with a warm and rich vapour.

    The most important thing about the Deringer is the flavour comes though right away making it an excellent choice for trying ejuices. I build a 1ohm coil with wattages around 15, you have to be careful with the Deringer as its a short atty and too much watts can generate a lot of heat on the body and pass on to the drip trip.

    I like the Deringer. When compared to the Subtank Mini, the Mini has far more airflow that is easy to access. With the Deringer there is a bit of sucking. The Mini delivers flavours in a luscious rich vape, the Deringer is more workman like. It gets the job done.

    Kayfun Lite

    This is a highly regarded RTA and intimidating at first with the number of parts involved. There is a bit of a process unpacking it and putting it back together. There is some heft and complexity to it compared to the Mini or the Deringer. I am not particularly dexterous or precise so off the bat I was a bit skeptical of the device. It felt involved.

    I looked at pbsurdo's videos and got cracking. Again a 1ohm spiral coil with a slice of muji cotton. By now I was getting better at coiling and wicking so it was a breeze.

    Tested the coil, primed the wick and put the tank together. Next how do we fill this thing. Its not a simple as dropping some eliquid from the top or bottom, there is some wizardy about vacuums that I am sure we will all understand if inclined but I just wanted to use the thing. So back to Youtube and there is a screw at the bottom that is the fill point. So I 'injected' some liquid inside and was ready to begin

    First drag nothing - piffle, second drag nothing - piffle piffle. This requires some effort so I pulled hard the third draw and finally some vapour. That's an exaggeration but I had got used to the Subtank so was not making an effort.

    I also noticed it was not as warm as the Deringer or the Subtank but the flavours were coming through. I tried to detect if it was more flavourful but it seemed the same as the Derringer or the Mini. The vapour was denser though. Now this thing has a reputation so its more likely my coil building skills are not upto mark so I will give it more time before drawing conclusions either way.

    I liked the Subtank Mini the best. It was the easiest draw with dense vapour that was rich and warm.