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EHPRO Bachelor RTA Detailed Review (Awesome Flavor)

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  • EHPRO Bachelor RTA Detailed Review (Awesome Flavor)

    Out of all the atties I have tried so far, two atties have surprised and are high in my book. The Serpent RTA from Wotofo and then the Bachelor RTA from EHPRO. Both are single coil atties. Where Serpent with a clapton build, scored higher on flavor and fog, the Bachelor RTA scored even higher because you don&#039;t even need a clapton wire with this atty.

    I tried 3 different wires (22 AWG, 24 AWG and twisted 26 AWG wire) and this thing just works with any wire build! I somewhat prefer this atty over the Serpent RTA because of the ease of building. If you are looking for a flavor-chasing RTA without losing clouds and something that&#039;s extremely easy to work with, this is your atty! Get it now! But if you wish to read in detail, continue reading the review below.

    [img height=452 width=600][/img]

    Price: $24 approx. (FT SKU 4163800)


    Removable 510 drip tip
    Top refill system
    Pyrex glass tank
    4ml juice capacity
    Adjustable airflow control (2 air slits on the AFC ring)
    510 threading connection
    Solid copper center pin
    Comes with a 0.2ohm Ni200 coil

    Bachelor RTA Review

    For TLDR, this is a single coil atty with huge juice channels and huge airflow slots. Top fill design, juice locking system, glass tank, no-posts design, etc. all make it extremely easy to work with. Plus, no matter what wire you try, the flavor is just brilliant on this atomizer!

    Build Quality

    Super impressed with the build quality of this atty. Not a single sharp edge or sharp threads anywhere. So well constructed, I have nothing to complained about the way it is machined. I mean, it may look like just another RTA but only when you get one in the hand, you know how nicely this atty is designed. I do have a couple of concerns though. The hinge joint right on the top fill cap may wear out over the time and then there will be nothing to stop the top cap from spinning on it&#039;s own. Same with the silicon ring used near the top fill which holds the top cap closed. It may lose it&#039;s thickness over a period of time and then there&#039;s nothing stopping the top cap from spinning on it&#039;s own. But these are just speculations and out of the box, there isn&#039;t really much to complain about.

    Oh yes, another one ... It&#039;s a bitch to unscrew the tank section. I broke the tank on mine in effort to fuffin remove that tank off. Heavens know what they do and why they screw that thing so damn tight that you have to literally be wrestling with that thing.

    Anyway, think I should get a couple of those plastic tools that are used to grab atties (pretty popular these days). Those aren&#039;t too costly either


    Now that&#039;s the best part! This atty has no posts, it&#039;s a no-post design. There are two holes where you stick the coil ends and then screw the two grub screws (one on each side). And your coil will stay in it&#039;s place, ready to be wicked! Just make sure to stick enough cotton in the juice channels or this thing will leak like crazy. If you stick enough cotton in the juice channels, this thing is gonna amaze you beyond your imagination. Again, don&#039;t be shy of using the thickest piece of cotton you can stick through the coil.

    Build recommendation: Use a 3.0mm screwdriver (or CW-30 Kuro Koiler) and build about 7 to 10 wraps with a 22 or 24 AWG wire. Wick with the thickest piece of cotton and make sure to stuff the juice channels completely. On the inside, there are only 2 juice channels but on the outside, there are 4 juice channels. That&#039;s a lot of juice rushing to the wick all the time.

    Vape Quality

    Vape quality is BRILLIANT on this atty! I can&#039;t say enough, it&#039;s a dream come true for those who wish to do flavor-chasing without losing fog. This atty is a work-horse and performs better than any dual coil atty. Very high on flavor and very good with vapor production. I could compare the flavor on this thing with the Serpent RTA with clapton build but still, looking at the ease of use, I would choose the Bachelor RTA over the Serpent.

    Parts and Accessories

    Really love that they cared to send a spare glass tank. I broke one tank while trying to unscrew the atty parts but was so glad knowing there&#039;s a spare tank in the kit. EHPRO also sends a spare set of o-rings. The Bachelor RTA comes with blue o-rings installed but there&#039;s black colored o-rings set included in the kit. You can either continue to use the blue one or switch over to the black o-rings set depending on your preferences.


    It is a BRILLIANT RTA and highly recommend buying one of these, you will be a believer when you get your hands on one

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    Re: EHPRO Bachelor RTA Detailed Review (Awesome Flavor)

    Video Review

    HTML Code:
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


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      Re: EHPRO Bachelor RTA Detailed Review (Awesome Flavor)

      Wonderful Review was treat to watch video......
      Can&#039;t wait to have my hands on it....mine is ready to ship at FT
      Any tips to do M2L on it???? :


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        Re: EHPRO Bachelor RTA Detailed Review (Awesome Flavor)

        I&#039;m glad you liked the video bro but this is not for M2L. Not too sure if you can do M2L on it ..


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          Re: EHPRO Bachelor RTA Detailed Review (Awesome Flavor)

          Got one myself. Another on the way from ft stuck at kolkata customs. Amazing atty. The I have tried SS316, ni80, ni200, 22awg Kanthal, 24/32 Clapton on this atty.
          The best falvours i got till date from this atty is surprisingly a spaced clapton build (24/32). Please try the spaced clapton build. I used to build tightened clapton .5ohms at 4 warps. So decided to try out spaced clapton after seeing the cleito coil clapton trust me its one fo the cleanest flavours i have gotten out of any atty till date, even the serpent.