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Authentic SvoëMesto Kayfun 5 Review And Wicking Tutorial

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  • Authentic SvoëMesto Kayfun 5 Review And Wicking Tutorial

    Brief Introduction:
    This is a very special review for me to do... I have been vaping since 3-4 years now.. tried lots of different tanks, a friend recommended me to get a Kayfun v3 mini or v4, before this I had not heard about it because I guess I never came across it and never took interest in it, was doing ok with all the Chinese tanks which I was vaping on.

    But to be honest, somewhere down the road I was still unsatisfied, you had tanks either targeted for mouth to lung (MTL) or for direct lung hit (DL) crowd, I was hanging somewhere in the middle and wasn't really happy. Anyways I started doing my own little research about Svoemesto Kayfun tanks and came to a conclusion that these are for mtl crowd only (in which I was not very interested) but still almost bought my self the v3 mini, but at that very moment I came to know that there is a new version going to be launched very soon, so I pulled off my finger from the trigger and thought let me wait and check this new Kayfun v5 out.

    This was launched in May of 2016 in Europe, Svoemesto had to get the tank out in EU before the TPD regulations hit Europe everywhere. Sadly this may also be the last Kayfun 5 from SvoeMesto because after the TPD regulations they cannot come out with new tanks larger than 2ml. When this tank was released it sold out in a couple of minutes everywhere in Europe, I myself had to try 3 times to get one, sold out all over Europe in a jiffy. Anyhow I got hold of it somehow and managed to place an order on cremedevape from UK and it got delivered to me in less than 10 days.

    Details & Features:
    This is a High-end RTA which is produced by SvoeMesto in Germany, The quality of this RTA is second to none, one of the best quality tank I have ever seen till date, but they are known for their quality and NO Chinese producing tanks can match it. Following are the details and Features of this tank:

    Kayfun 5
    The SvoëMesto Kayfun 5 is a rebuildable tank atomizer specifically designed using e-liquid for electronic cigarettes. Before use you must install a coil made intended for usage in electronic cigarettes.

    The Kayfun 5 follows a similar design pattern as his little brother, the Kayfun Mini V3. A fully adjustable liquid control gives you full control over your liquid flow, however, thanks to SvoëMesto’s pressure based feeding system, fine tuning is not required with the majority of setups. After closing the liquid control, the Kayfun 5 can be filled through the top. You can access your coil by removing the tank, regardless if it’s filled or not. The build deck has been heavily modified to make building coils easier and more convenient. At the same time SvoëMesto has increased the adjustable airflow from 2,2mm to 3,2mm .

    The Kayfun 5 is made from the same high class materials as the Kayfun Mini V3.

    •Anti heat drip tip with POM inlay (engraved)
    •Top filling
    •Quartz glass
    •Liquid control (fully adjustable)
    •Enlarged build deck -> comfort building
    •M2 build screws
    •PEEK insulator
    •Increased maximum liquid flow
    •External airflow control
    •Increased maximum airflow
    •316L stainless steel
    •510 connector
    •Serial number for authentication
    •Easy assembly and maintenance

    Main Review:
    So now coming to the review, this is my personal take on this tank and what I feel from my experience and usage after a good 45 days+.

    I would like to open my statement by saying:

    Well you can disagree with my above statement if you wish to, but do it only after you have vaped/tested on an Authentic Kayfun5 for some time.

    The packing of Kayfun5 looks like a pack of cigarette, there are two sub packets inside in which you get the tank and extra goodies. Nothing very exciting or exclusive about it. But once you get inside and open everything up and see the tank, it just oozes quality, feels expensive and is also expensive, but more on that later, my Chinese tanks couldn't last few months before paint would start to chip or problems with the tank parts etc., and starts to fall apart (not all but quite a few). But this tank is meant to last for ever, well nothing lasts for ever but surely for a long time to come. Put on the stainless steel sleeve and go to the battlefield or can survive an apocalypse (I may be over exaggerating out of excitement.. Lol).

    Enough bragging about the quality and how well made this is, you may ask but what about the flavour, how does it taste?, I think I answered that above in my opening statement. Hands down one of the best (if not the best) rta for flavour, it beats all the present rtas/tanks in the market, if you ask is it day and night difference? I would say NO ITS NOT!. But it does make quite a difference from being good to great. Also one important thing one needs to note is, Eliquid flavours taste different in different rta's and all depends on the wicking techniques and skills you have. People who have a good sense of taste and flavours can definitely make out the difference. Mine is not great but I can surely tell the difference. This is a flavour chasing RTA.

    Kayfun's were known to have very little airflow as it was directed towards the mtl crowd, SvoeMesto had neglected the direct lung hitting vapers until now, so they decided to open up the airflow quite a bit (this had really pissed off the hard-core mtl Kayfun fans), it has an external and adjustable airflow control (4 air hole options in form of pips to choose from), very nice mechanism which locks well in place. You could mouth to lung up to direct hit on this same tank. The airflow is not as airy as the most Chinese atomizers which you see getting released every single day. This has a restriction, it's more of a restrictive direct lung kind of air flow which is plenty enough for me, This tank won't win you cloud competitions, the cloud performance is decent and more than enough for my style of vaping, which is restrictive direct lung hitting. So this is God sent for me, this was the airflow which I was always looking for, also this tank doesn't whistle like a choo choo train like most other tanks when you close down the airflow, those make annoying whistling sounds, but this rta is quite smooth and quite.

    (For hard-core MTL vapers, who like it even tighter airflow they have optional air restrictor kit, they have 3 options which fits in the centre of the deck air hole under the coil).

    Deck & Coils:
    Didn't I tell you this is a single coil rta? Yes it is!, sorry those looking for dual or quad coils etc, may like to look somewhere else.
    The deck is one of the easiest single coil decks you can get to build on, also reminds of Kanger subtank mini rba deck, would say its better and can fit any type of coils, easy to trap the leads. In this tank you can use simple to Clapton coils without any issues. Recommended by SvoeMesto is 0.5ohm or above, but you could use lower resistance coils, only downside I see is.. it would heat up the tank. I use ss316 spaced coils from 0.5 ohm to 1 ohm, higher the ohms better the performance for me personally and I feel be it any single coil rta 30watts or above starts to screw up the flavour. (You really don't need to go crazy with fancy coils or high power watts with this tank to get the best flavour, just keep it simple silly).

    Juice Control & Top fill:
    Ok I now there is nothing WOW about it anymore, there are 100+ tanks with these features, but good to know it's there in this too, the glass tank holds respectable 4ml and steel tank 5ml and also has an easy top fill, true juice control, shut it off while filling the tank or when not in use and throw it in your bag upside down, no leaking at all, also adjust it according to your e-liquid ratio mix % while vaping.

    It also comes with some extra screws and O-rings. And a metal steel sleeve in case you want to replace your glass tank or you break it.

    Looks & Maintenance:
    So I guess I have covered everything here, this is a very simple and easy to use tank,
    looks simple and elegant (looks are subjective) and very easy to clean and maintain and to live with it, no complains. But some did have complains that the tank is too tall, I personally don't find an issue with its height.

    But wait did I say I covered everything?, I may be wrong.. What about the price and availability?
    Well, this tank costs around approx. INR 10,000+ (99 GBP + Shipping).

    You can order at Cremedevape UK, they do ship it to India by Royal mail post. They are very friendly and nice vendors to deal with.

    Now I know you may be like WTF it’s so expensive I can get 4-5 tanks in that price blah blah blah… and now you have clones from China also out for fraction of the price. All I would like to say is this tank (at least for me) is worth every single penny of my hard earned money.. Love it so much that I have two of these tanks. I do not support clones, but if you buy one, hey it's your money, buy whatever you want.. Not here to judge you. But if anyone who is planning to purchase one or is hesitant, all I will say is don't be, you will love this tank as its worth it.

    Final Conclusion:
    If there was an apocalypse or someone asked me give all your tanks away and keep one for life.. It would be this tank, the Kayfun 5.

    Now we come to the Main part: WICKING!

    I'm doing an easy step by step wicking guide for Kayfun 5 users.. we all have our own wicking techniques and skills etc.. but after all the trials n errors.. I would like to share what works best with da kf5 (at least for me).

    This has been working absolutely flawless.. No gurgling.. No dry hits and most importantly No leaking at all.. So this should help all Kayfun 5 users.

    So to start with.. I'm using an Authentic SvoëMesto Kayfun V5 with ss316l spaced coil.. around 0.8ohm / 3mm inner dia.

    Please follow the photos for the easy wicking tutorial for kf5. (Also notes are added with clear instructions to make things better and easier to understand along with the pictures).

    01) Use any coil you wish.. just raise the coil 2-3mm above the air hole.. you can just eye ball it!

    02) Next cut the cotton strip approx. 1cm.. this I do for 3mm inner diameter coil.. for 2.5mm inner dia you could do a little less than 1cm.

    03) Now remove one top end of the cotton.. just the top layer.. it's a thin hard layer.. peel that off.

    04) Then place the cotton on your palm and roll it back and forth gently with both your hands.. looks like this after you do it.

    05) Now insert it in your coil.. don't force it in too hard.. make sure there is enough tension.. it should not be too loose nor too tight.. Just right amount of tension.

    06) VERY MPORTANT: The length has to be cut right.. I repeat its very important.. it has to be cut just above or touching the O-ring as you can see in this picture.

    07) Take your tweezers and fluff out the cotton evenly.. it should be fluffy fluffy.

    08) You need a good saloon hair dressers skills here.. It's not very difficult.. U just need to trim from all sides.. Cut it in a rectangular shape.

    09) As I said cut it in a rectangular shape.. trim it from top N sides evenly.. do not over trim it.. should be just right.. with practice u'll get it right!

    10) After you are done with the haircut.. I mean trimming the cotton.. it should look like this…

    11) From another angle and side.. you can see its trimmed down pretty well both sides.. just the right amount of cotton left now.

    12) Now take your tweezers and gently lift the cotton and tuck it in the juice well..

    13) Please DO NOT smash it in.. just very gently with the tweezers place it inside.

    14) The cotton needs to just sit inside the juice well and touching the deck and the juice holes.. make sure the cotton does not get folded inside.

    15) After you have done that.. your cotton would look similar to the one in the pictures.

    16) It is sitting perfectly on the deck.. just right amount of cotton/wick required in the kf5.

    17) Now take your e-liquid bottle and drip some e-liquid on the cotton and let it soak and absorb in.. Pulse fire couple of times at less than 9 watts.. your almost done!

    18) All ready to vape.. but before that one more thing.. make sure you lube the o rings nicely before putting on your tank.. attach the tank.. screw it all the way till it doesn't rotate anymore... means the juice flow is shut.. then pour your FAV liquid from the top.

    19) Enjoying the Kayfun 5 on the Dicodes Dani Extreme v2+ Mod (THE MERCEDEZE BENZ OF VAPING SETUP).

    PEASE NOTE: For 50/50 liquids you need 1 full 360 turn or max 1.5 turns... use the SvoëMesto logo for start point.. for 70vg+ do full 2 turns.

    Also please be careful, whenever you re-fill from the top.. make sure the juice flow is shut off to avoid any accidental leaking.

    This has been a very long post, if you are reading this till the end, thanks for having a look and reading my post.

    Be safe and enjoy with whatever your vaping on.. Peace V

    Jibran Khan

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    Re: Authentic SvoëMesto Kayfun 5 Review And Wicking Tutorial

    Thank you for the superb review and wicking guide.

    As far as wicking goes, this tank is quite forgiving and all you need to do it to make sure the tails touch the bottom. Squaring the tails may help, but I don't find it necessary to do.


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      Re: Authentic SvoëMesto Kayfun 5 Review And Wicking Tutorial

      Awesome review Jibran bhai. Thanks for sharing this tutorial, I'm sure it will be helpful to many!


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        Re: Authentic SvoëMesto Kayfun 5 Review And Wicking Tutorial

        [quote author=mav2000 link=topic=2602.msg21250#msg21250 date=1468992388]
        Thank you for the superb review and wicking guide.

        As far as wicking goes, this tank is quite forgiving and all you need to do it to make sure the tails touch the bottom. Squaring the tails may help, but I don't find it necessary to do.

        Thank you for the appreciation mav200.

        Well I kind of do agree that kf5 is forgiving, but unfortunately not for all.. I have heard and read quite a few people having issues wicking the kf5 (for whatever reasons they were doing wrong and this includes my self).

        What works for you may not work for everybody and vice versa... That is why I mentioned "works best with da kf5 (at least for me)."

        For some a little tinkering here and there can make all the difference. When I wicked before.. it worked! From wow.. it went to getting inconsistent while vaping.. (but I knew its my own fault that I was doing something wrong wicking this).. But after doing the above steps..
        it works every time consistently.. absolutely with out any issues.

        If not trimming the tails works for you then that is great (saves some time) But unfortunately for me it didn't work well..

        This tutorial is for those people who are new or have tried everything and still facing wicking issues...


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          Re: Authentic SvoëMesto Kayfun 5 Review And Wicking Tutorial

          [quote author=AndyK link=topic=2602.msg21254#msg21254 date=1469005009]
          Awesome review Jibran bhai. Thanks for sharing this tutorial, I'm sure it will be helpful to many!

          Thank you brother Andy... well I hope what you say is true... Pleasure to share and help.