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Vapefly Galaxies MTL RTA Review | Top MTL RTA of 2018 and hoping for 2019

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  • Vapefly Galaxies MTL RTA Review | Top MTL RTA of 2018 and hoping for 2019

    Oh I LOVE MTL RTAs and the Vapefly Galaxies RTA came in as a surprise. Although, I was expecting it to be a pretty good MTL RTA but it has simply exceeded my expectations! Here is my Vapefly Galaxies MTL RTA review to talk about why I liked this RTA and what are the things that I did not like. This will be a detailed review. I will also compare it with the Galaxies RDTA and RDA because I have already used both of those in the recent past. One thing I have to say, the Galaxies series is nothing short of AWESOME for MTL vaping. All three atties are simply fantastic for MTL vapers, but there's something SO GOOD about the RTA! Let's discuss the details and all the PROs and CONs of the Galaxies RTA!

    Vapefly Galaxies MTL RTA Review

    Vapefly Galaxies MTL RTA

    (Official website: http://www.vapefly.net/vapefly-galaxies-mtl-rta/)

    First of all, I really love the theme of all three atties in the Galaxies series. The design with the star like pattern is just gorgeous. It looks thematic to the name of the series. Vapefly release 3 atties in the Galaxies series: RDA, RDTA and the RTA. I used and review the RDA and the RDTA earlier and both were awesome MTL atties. The Galaxies RTA is though on a whole new level. The design is gorgeous, even the GALAXIES print on the chimney looks beautiful. Vapefly took their time to design this gorgeous atty. Everything screams quality and there isn't one thing that I disliked about the design. Simply a marvelous design!

    Build Quality and Construction

    The Galaxies MTL RTA is made out of stainless steel and it is one solid RTA. No sharp edges or any such problems, totally good quality parts. Even the screws are very good quality. I screwed the coil ends like anything, no problems at all. The 510 connector is solid too. The tank is glass, which is resistant to any chemical reactions with the juice. You get two glasses with the package, the regular glass (3ml) and one bubble glass (5ml). Both glass tanks look gorgeous! The center pin is gold plated for better conductivity. There are 8 airflow settings, ALL for MTL vaping. This is the best feature of this RTA. The airflow setting scroll is brilliant but you have to use your nails to adjust the setting. i'm highly impressed with the build quality of Galaxies series atties, all solid and great quality! My score on the build quality of Galaxies RTA is 10 out of 10.

    Build Deck and Coil Building

    Vapefly Galaxies RTA Airflow Ring

    The build deck on the Galaxies RTA is designed to hold single coil but for single coil, the deck is very spacious. You can stick in any sort of coil. The posts are also good enough to hold thicker wires. Although this is a MTL RTA, but you can still hook up coils of various diameters. The post screws are very good quality and can take some beating while you are tightening them to hold the coil ends. The airflow on the deck seems to be 1.5mm which is adequate for MTL vaping. The juice channels are big enough to allow loads of eLiquid to the coil, you can never get a dry hit on this atty if you wick it correctly. Oh well, since the juice channels are pretty huge, you can stick as much wick as you wish and it will work. The chimney is good diameter and can take a lot of vapor/air mix through it. I would rate the build deck and coil building 10 out of 10.

    Flavor and Clouds

    Since it is a purely MTL RTA, clouds are of not much concern, however, at the max airflow setting, you can get very decent clouds. The flavor is just brilliant on the Galaxies MTL RTA. I build mine with a Clapton Kanthal A1 wire and it produced amazingly great airflow. It is that fuller and deeper inhale quality that makes it exceptionally cool. I love that deep inhale quality that very few atties give. This atty is brilliantly designed. I would rate the flavor and taste 10 out of 10 simply, it is just that cool!

    PROs CONs
    Excellent build quality and construction The airflow control ring is a bit tight
    Beautiful deck and posts
    Can hook up all sorts of coils
    Single airflow or dual airflow
    8 airflow settings from tight MTL to loose MTL
    Very innovative airflow control
    Excellent flavor and taste
    Affordable price


    With any of the Galaxies series atties, you just can't go wrong! Especially, the Vapefly Galaxies RDTA and the Galaxies RTA, both these atties are beyond awesome! I would highly recommend getting these atties if you are a diehard MTL vaper!

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    Thanks for the amazing review AndyK . I was in dilema if should go for this or the Ammit MTL RTA. In an previous review by Kushal you seemed keen on doing a side by side review, Any plans on that this month bhai.
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      Hello bro .. I'm not too sure if I can do the side-by-side review because of my busy schedule. Also, I'm not ordering too much stuff these days since I don't stay at my place much, I'm most of the time away from my home. So sorry bhai, won't be able to do the side-by-side review of Ammit RTA and Galaxies RTA.
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        thanks Bhai, no worries, going ahead with the Ammit RTA


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