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Wotofo Ryujin Elder Dragon RDA | The BEST RDA of 2019

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  • Wotofo Ryujin Elder Dragon RDA | The BEST RDA of 2019

    Hello folks, I recently got my hands on the latest Wotofo creation and sharing my Wotofo Ryujin Elder Dragon RDA review with you all. I can't say enough that the Ryujin Elder Dragon is probably the best RDA of year 2019! I so feel down that I'm no longer a DL vaper because this atty is just heavenly good DL RDA. Out of all the atties I have tried so far and thought they were best, the Ryujin just beats everything I have put my hands on so far. This atty is pushing me back to DL vaping, this atty is so damn good! Alright why I like it so much? Small compact size, gorgeous looks, 22mm RDA, small chamber (this is what made it so damn good), unique airflow (the best airflow), so damn easy to build, comes with BF pin and regular pin, can build single coil or dual coil, excellent o-rings, 810 drip tip, 510 drip tip adapter, just say what you want and you have it! This was the short review, continue to read for full review and images.

    Wotofo Ryujin Elder Dragon RDA Review

    Wotofo Ryujin Elder Dragon RDA Review

    (Official Website: https://www.wotofo.com/products/wotofo-elder-dragon-rda)

    Wotofo has time and again surprised me with their innovative products. But this time, I'm just amused. The Wotofo Ryujin Elder Dragon RDA is nothing less than a masterpiece! The looks, the design, ahh the style, the ease of building, the super innovative airflow, the clouds, the flavor ... man! I sure am going to write a personal appreciation email to Wotofo for this gorgeous atty! I like it so much that I feel like taking a bite out of it lol. Jeez, don't think I've ever liked any atty so much that this atty is almost making me go back to DL vaping. You wanna know why I like it so much? Alright, I'm going to go through each and every detail like there's no tomorrow. Actually, I can't wait to talk about everything involved with this atty. This is going to be one long review!

    Wotofo Elder Dragon RDA Drip Tip

    One thing I love about Wotofo is that they provide options to the end user. The drip tip that comes hooked on the RDA is resin and it looks so beautiful! Apart from the resin drip tip, you get another smokey colored drip tip. Both of those drip tips are 810. Plus, you get a 510 drip tip adapter so that you can fit your own 510 drip tips. Wotofo always send a ton of accessories to make it easy for the end user to quickly build the atty and hook up a sexy coil. Just check the below image to see what all you get with your Elder Dragon package. I can give no less than 10 out of 10 scores on the drip tip and accessories!

    Ryujin Elder Dragon RDA Accessories

    All the tools, accessories, coils, o-rings, screws, cotton, drip tips, drip tip adapter, service manual .. I mean, did they miss anything at all? Love you Wotofo, thank you so much! This is close to perfection (if not perfect). This is how it should be done and you prove it over and again! Let's talk about the atty since I just can't wait to talk about it

    Ryujin Elder Dragon RDA Design

    I have seen many different designs over the years of vaping but there's nothing I have seen so elegantly designed! Some of the beautiful designs I have seen, there have been a few flaws like eLiquid seeping out from some place, atty getting too hot, airflow inadequate and other such issues. But the design of this atty is just mesmerizing. I loved all the curves the Elder Dragon RDA has been given. The airflow holes are beautifully designed to not allow the eLiquid seep out of them even if over dripped or over squonked. The drip tip design compliments the overall design of the atty. Everything is designed in a very proper elegant thematic way! I'd give this atty 10 out of 10 scores on design, simplicity at it's best yet so gorgeous! A total eye-candy!

    Elder Dragon RDA Airflow

    Ryujin Elder Dragon RDA Airflow

    This atty is a masterpiece from top to toe! The airflow on the Elder Dragon RDA is designed so beautifully that there is not even a slight chance of making it leak or flood unless you really do it intentionally. There are 4 airflow holes and they come from like 4 directions pointing directly to the coil. Plus, the airways are tapered downwards which make the atty completely leak-proof. The omni-directional airflow throws air not only at the coil but also at the wick, this helps in lifting some delicious taste and flavor! I'm seriously mesmerized by the level of thoughtfulness that Wotofo has put into this atty while designing it. Clearly I'd give 10 out of 10 scores for the way the airflow is designed on this RDA!

    Ryujin Elder Dragon RDA Deck

    Ryujin Elder Dragon Deck Picture

    We have seen similar coil-less decks on other RDAs and RTAs. So I wouldn't really say much on this but I definitely love a coil-less deck since it allows room for putting up some crazy coil builds. The screws are located outside of the main deck. Wotofo included a nice long screwdriver to manage post screws. Thank God they sent a long screwdriver unlike what we used to see from other manufacturers a few years ago, those tiny 2 inch long screwdrivers which were pretty hard to work with. The deck is pretty deep, probably more than 5mm from the airflow. But over-dripping or over-squonking is not an issue here at all since the airflow holes are tapered down. I infact over-squonked with my build and no eLiquid gushed out of any of the airflow holes at all.

    The only thing that I can sugges here is to lift the squonk hole a little so that when you release the bottle, the eLiquid should not get sucked back into the bottle, some eLiquid should stay on the deck. Apart from this small niggle, I loved the deck a lot. So the Elder Dragon RDA's deck gets 10 out of 10 scores!

    Wotofo Ryujin Elder Dragon RDA Build

    This is exciting! I was desperately waiting for this part since I loved building on this atty! You've already seen my coil build on it. Took me just 30 seconds to put that coil through the holes and tighten the screws. And it was ready for wicking ..

    Elder Dragon RDA wicking picture

    I used the Wotofo Cotton to build the Elder Dragon RDA. That wick is pretty fluffy and holds a lot of eLiquid. Wish I could get that cotton when I reviewed different cotton types since I LOVE this cotton. Anyway, wicking was so quick and easy. I learned that on this atty, it is best to keep the wick ends much shorter since you can't really fold the cotton down there and you have to sort of leave the wick ends hanging in the juice well on each side.

    Elder Dragon RDA Build Wicking Picture

    Once the wick was added, all I had to do was squeeze the bottle in my Furyan mod and let the juice gush on to the deck. It took no time for the cotton to absorb loads of juice. It was ready for fogging my room! Building on this atty is so damn easy and fun, I have to give 10 out of 10 scores on coil building on this atty! The ease of building is simply exceptional on the Elder Dragon RDA, even for the newbie vaper!

    Wotofo Elder Dragon RDA Taste and Flavor

    Oh man .. what can I say! The taste and flavor on this thing is phenomenal! I have been a MTL vaper since last 2 years and this atty is just making me go back to DL vaping. The Elder Dragon RDA is totally a DL (Direct to Lung) vaping atty and damn I can't resist vaping DL on it. The taste, flavor and clouds are so damn good on this atty that I feel like moving back to DL permanently. I have never felt such a rich flavor and vape quality in my entire vaping journey.

    Elder Dragon RDA Flavor and Clouds

    The Wotofo Ryujin Elder Dragon RDA may look like a small RDA but don't even think that it is any less than a beast! This thing is a beast waiting the right moment to show it's colors. It hisses like a snake and creates clouds full of flavor! I really am going crazy over this thing. With an Alien build on this thing, don't think any other RDA can produce such amazing taste, flavor and clouds! On taste and flavor, this atty gets full marks ... it gets 10 out of 10 scores on taste and flavor!

    Final Verdict

    Guys, if you are into DL vaping, you have to get your hands on this atty! Yes you have to! You can thank me a ton later, just get this atty from whoever you can, from wherever you can. You're probably gonna say a lot more than what I have said so far. I'm going bonkers and head over heels on this beauty!
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    Wonderful,Hands on, Easy to Understand Review AndyK bhai , The Best i like about your Reviews is you keep it as simple as you can so even Newbie Vapers can understand, Kickass Pics too.
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      Thanks Kushal bhai .. thanks and glad you liked the review!

      Looks like it is only two of us doing reviews for stuff .. wish there were more people doing reviews, would've been so informative for everyone


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        Welcome Dear Andy bhai.


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