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Review of the OBS Engine MTL RTA

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  • Review of the OBS Engine MTL RTA

    Review of the OBS Engine MTL RTA

    Note- Opinions may Vary

    The Best Top Airflow (Leak-Proof) MTL RTA by OBS


    ➡First Impressions

    -The OBS Engine MTL RTA is a Solidly built 24mm RTA that looks tiny and has 2ml capacity. The RTA comes packaged in a Box with all the Standard Set of Accessories including an MTL Coil and Cotton.
    - The Top cap has a locking mechanism with a small half twist to Open and Close after re-filling. The RTA has a Top Airflow System with three different Sized Holes on either side which you can customize from Tight to Loose based on your preference.
    -The RTA has a Simple Two Post Building Deck for Single Coil Building option for MTL Vaping.
    - Overall the RTA looks Solidly machined,Small, compact and very nicely designed for Mouth to Lung Vaping,


    ➡Noticeable Features which i loved on ths OBS Engine MTL RTA
    - Solid Stainless Steel Design with Nice Convenient and Easy to remove and close the Top Cap with just a Half Twist.
    - Easy Build Deck with Generous Wicking Channels, Building and Wicking is a Breeze on this RTA even for a New Vaper.
    - Easy to take everything apart,Clean and assemble it back.(Fewer Parts)
    - Easily Adjustable Top Airflow with Three Sized Holes for Tight to Loose Draw.


    ➡How does the OBS MTL RTA Perform

    I installed Coilology (Ni80 28/40G) Micro Claptons with 3mm ID/9Wraps -1.91 ohms, Running this RTA as low as 12 Watts the Flavor i got was Very rich,dense combined with Excellent Throat hit ,
    It is a very smooth draw with zero dry hits even on chain vaping, So far i have run this RTA with Desserts, Tobacco and fruity Desserts close to 70ml till now and on each this RTA performs Excellent,

    On MTL i run Ammit and Galaxies on my daily rotation and sadly after i got this RTA, the Galaxies has been resting in a corner, To me simply put, This is the Best MTL RTA on par or better than Ammit MTL RTA and Vapefly Galaxies MTL RTA, And with Top Airflow this just gets better, Loving it so far.


    ➡Overall OBS have turned out a Sure Shot Winner with the OBS MTL RTA that offers Fantastic Rich flavor and an excellent leak-proof Top Airflow Design that is an added Plus combined with very Easy Building/Wicking feature, OBS continues its trend of manufacturing some Excellent Top Airflow RTA's, i had very high expectations on this one and i was right,
    if you're an MTL Vaper you will love this RTA.
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