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S. Camel by Inawera

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  • S. Camel by Inawera

    Concentrate Name: S. Camel
    Manufacturer: Inawera
    Concentrate Profile: Tobacco flavor
    Steeping required: Not really. It's a mix and vape concentrate
    Available here:

    I have posted about this concentrate in the DIY section but adding the review here too. This concentrate is from Inawera and comes in 10ml bottle. Mind it, Inawera has 2 different Camel concentrates.

    Tab for Camel

    I have both of them and tried both. While the S'Camel is awesome, the Tab for Camel is just average and gives a funny flavor on mixing with vg/pg/nic. Didn't like it all that much. So pay attention while placing your order.

    S. Camel is a very nice concentrate and you can mix it from 5% to 10% .. it is a pretty forgiving concentrate, you don't have to be too accurate to get good flavor. Also, this is a mix and vape kind of concentrate. Of course, for best results you should steep your DIY mix but even if you vape right after mixing, it gives a very well rounded flavor and taste. Don't need any sweeteners or anything else.

    While this concentrate is brilliant on it's own, it is very overpowering too when you try it with other concentrates. I guess, this concentrate can be used as a base if you use an extremely accurate low quantity. I'm yet to figure out what would be a good quantity to mix to my DIY experiments to make this concentrate work as a base concentrate. It would be wonderful to know.

    Anyway, for anyone who doesn't have the patience to wait for steeping their eLiquids, this concentrate can work wonders


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    Re: S. Camel by Inawera

    Indeed, i have also tried this one - thanks to you
    And indeed it is a good flavour for me 2


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      Re: S. Camel by Inawera

      Kalc bhai, which ones are your favorite? You've shared a lot of reviews in the DIY Flavoring section but I'm not sure which ones I should leave there and which ones to move here

      Would appreciate if you can tag a few


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        Re: S. Camel by Inawera

        Bro, i focus more on making eliquids and not single flavours - so for the time being, leave them there