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Hazelnut Coffee by Hangsen

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  • Hazelnut Coffee by Hangsen

    Concentrate Name: Hazelnut Coffee
    Manufacturer: Hangsen
    Concentrate Profile: Coffee flavor
    Steeping required: Not really. It's a mix and vape concentrate
    Available here:

    I have literally sang songs about this concentrate

    It's a brilliant concentrate and probably the best coffee concentrate I've had out of 20 different concentrates and flavored eLiquids I have tried till date. ELiquids you make out of this come up very well rounded and flavorful. This is a very forgiving concentrate and you can mix from 3% to 10% depending on your flavor preference.

    It is another awesome 'mix and vape concentrate' which means, you don't have to wait 20 days for the flavor to pop out. Although steeping is always recommended but eliquids made using this concentrate can be vaped right after mixing.

    I managed to replicate this concentrate using TPA's Hazelnut and Coffee concentrates but noob me, didn't care to note down the exact percentages. I had made like 10 samples with different percentages and had finalized one that was "almost" like the Hangsen concentrate. Nevertheless, original is original and it is not too costly either. Just grab 10ml bottles and it's heaven for coffee eliquid lovers


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    Re: Hazelnut Coffee by Hangsen

    Totally agree