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    Re: Mystic plumes


    I am newbie on vaping (a month old) Still getting settled in. Have been trying few liquids, sampled Mr. Beard, Cosmic fog...currently on Ruthless Vapors.

    Tried couple of local ones including Mystic Plumes, bought a new one from Jay called something like Bubbly Stars (?) ... supposedly champagne flavor tinge. Liked it ! It tasted a bit fruity (pineapple? ... but it's me). Refreshing flavor, light one which could be comfortably be an all day vape for me. Quality of product seems good.

    I am not attempting a scoring here cause I am too new, and so far have found that either I like something or simply do not ! This one I do Cheers


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      Re: Mystic plumes

      Been trying a number of flavours from Mystic Plumes. I will be posting more detailed reviews later.

      First I like that Jay has passion. That will show through in the quality of the product and flavours. And that comes through for Ali too and I hope to sample some of his flavours soon.

      For Indian vapers this is a big deal and saves us from all the hassle of shipping, customs and endless waits. Now we can sample and get good stuff in days. I love this.

      I am a bit reluctant to review the flavours currently as my equipment is quite dated, an MVP with iclear 16 and Evods at 1.5 - 2.0 Ohms. But here are a few notes.

      1. I have tried the NETS range of Classic Mild, Red Cowboy and Truly B&H. All 3 had a certain background taste to them that was prominent that I quite can't describe - a certain dryness perhaps, and the tobacco flavours were muted. It could be my taste buds or equipment but I did not detect massive differences in taste between them. They were perfectly vapable, much more so than a lot of tobacco juices I have tried from Dekang but I am personally losing interest in tobacco flavours after 4-5 years and more than 50k looking for a half decent one. Far more important to me is the vape is pleasant and has some body and volume and I find vanilla custardy flavours deliver this quite well. I would love tobacco flavours that have the woody, oaky rich tobacco taste and feel to them but apart from Johnson's creek Tenessee I haven't found anything half decent and I don't have the energy or time to deal with the hassles of procuring a steady supply of USA juices.

      2. Next I tried the Strummy and Pi Square flavours that are a part of a new line of organic VG based juices. Strummy is described as a strawberry desert with milk notes and I certainly tasted a nice mellow strawberry with a faint desert after taste. Its not the sickeningly sweet artificial strawberry which is a big win for Jay's. I would like more body and deserty creamy notes on the exhale. This is a pleasant vape and worth trying.

      Pi Square is described as an apple pie fused with notes of custards and creams. This has an prominent apple flavour and a faint pie aftertaste. I am not much of an Apple flavour person. Again I would have appreciated more body and more creamy tones on the exhale. Both flavours are pleasant and easy to vape. They smell absolutely fabulous. Both came in glass bottles which I like.

      I have 3 more flavours from the Organic VG line coming in; Cream 'n' Shake - a strawberry cream I have high hopes from, Nanny's cream - A fusion of strawberries, banana and coconut, and Twisted Enigma which is described as a tobacco with honey and nutty flavours and a mystery vanilla custard I am looking forward do.