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Zamplebox (December) Review

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  • Zamplebox (December) Review

    Hey there guys. So this is my review for the Zamplebox (December) that I got today.

    Zamplebox - A few words about the company. It is based in Seattle (US) and they have one of the best known subscription service for eliquids that they deliver monthly. The website is easy to browse and they offer you to select a profile according to your preference for flavors according to which they handpick the liquids and send you. They offer shipping throughout the globe and they have 3 options for zamplebox subscription. One with 3 eliquids/ month, then 6 /month and the platinum box that I ordered which was 11 bottles /month. It's my second zamplebox and I am pretty satisfied with their service.

    <<< ZampleBox Subscription Here >>>

    To start off with my experience, I ordered my first zamplebox in the month of July when I was in the US and it was good, since my likes and dislikes in the flavor profile weren't too many ( disliked tobacco and liked dessert, custard and fruits in general), I got a fairly decent 6 bottle pack delivered to my apartment in US. But when I came back to India and ordered it here, I changed a few things about the order so to make sure I don't get a bad liquid which isn't in my profile ( as I had heard a lot of people complaining). The most important thing I did was to add a lot of specific flavors that I like in the likes section of the profile and didn't change anything on the dislikes. (I added custard, menthol, mago, strawberry, donuts, blueberry etc. around 30 in total) so to see If they mess up the profile. Also, I was charged extra for the shipping to India and I changed my nic from 6 mg to 3 mg and subscription pack from 6 to 12 bottles.

    Ok, So I was charged $59.99 in total $45 for the platinum box + $15 for the shipping. I did not have to place the order again as Zamplebox has autorenewal and they deduct money from your account every month on a specific date (which you can decide) and send you an email saying that the box has been shipped and the tracking number for the same. I got this email on the 15th of this month (December) and I got the package delivered today (29/12/2015), So 14 days to reach my place. The shipping option they used was APC which is apparently different from USPS but APC uses USPS for sending it to India. Zamplebox gave me a tracking number on the 15th of this month and it explicitly said below that it will only be activated 4 to 5 days later, and it did as said. I received tracking information till the package was in California and after that nothing till it arrived at my door today. The Zamplebox is a big package and it was delivered without any damage/ leaks. They send you a flavor card which has the description of all the flavors in the box and a few cool stickers to use.

    Eliquids - So frankly, before this month's zamplebox I read a few posts on the web with people complaining that zamplebox has not been following their flavor profile and they send liquids which have already been disliked by the consumer. In my case, this did not happen. I can safely say that after updating and adding approximately 20 likes and 2 dislikes in the flavor profile to my account, today when I opened the box to see the liquids, all of them matched my profile and none from the dislikes. So maybe, Its always good to mention a lot of likes in the flavor profile more than dislikes. Seems to work.

    These are the liquids that I got for this month - (All are 3mg nic and I chose High VG Preferred option on my profile)

    1. 3 Amigos - By D Lux Vapors - Rice crispy treat - 15 ml - 70VG
    2. I Love Donuts - By I love Donuts - sugary glazed cake doughnut with blueberries - 15ml - 60VG
    3. Oasis - By Vape cache - Fresh blackberry custard - 15 ml - 80VG
    4. PMF - By Source code - Peach and Mint - 15ml - 80VG
    5. Rotten rope - By Broken bottle vape company - Redvine candy - 15ml - 70VG
    6. Vader - By Cyber liquids - Cookie dough and vanilla hazelnut custard - 15ml - 70VG
    7. Blue OX - By Cyber liquids - Blueberry energy drink - 15ml - 70VG
    8. Ice Berry - By Cyber liquids - Fresh berries and menthol - 15ml - 70VG
    9. Pluto - By Nebula - Sweet berry menthol - 15ml - 70VG
    10. Point break - By Supremacy liquids - Mango and strawberry - 15ml - 80VG
    11. S.S. Puffs - By B.A.D. Vapes - Cocoa puff cereal and milk - 15ml - 80VG

    All the liquids came in foam packaging with separate slots for each bottle (all are glass bottles with black droppers as caps). Decently packaged.

    The net value of the box in retail is mentioned to be $121 and I was charged $59 including shipping.

    All in all, I would highly recommend going for this subscription if you want to be surprised by new eliquids every month. Just make sure you have the right words in your "likes" section and "dislikes" section of the flavor profile.

    Keep vaping!!

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    Re: Zamplebox (December) Review