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Evolve Vapors Review

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  • Evolve Vapors Review

    I received my juices from Evolve Vapors and got 7 in total. They messed up their accounting so I only had to pay for 5 and they did COD which was awesome. First off they came well packaged and each one is in its own little box. The delivery was abit slow considering that there office and warehouse is literally located down the road from me, this I was informed by the courier delivery guy. They might kinda look like nail polish bottles but they are smart looking. The bottles are so well made that its hard to squeeze them and filling up a tank requires a bit longer but not really something to complain about, just putting it out there for people who might have weak fingers ;D. They already come pre steeped and have dates on the box showing when it was manufactured. Mine was manufactured in January 2016 and I wish more companies did this. A thing that stood out to me was it says "Manufactured in India" on the packaging but has USD pricing printed on it. I haven't seen anything online mentioning that they actually sell this in the US so this just might be a marketing strategy.

    Pricing is on the higher side for an Indian manufactured liquid, its 349rps +12.5% VAT for 10ml. They only come in 10ml sizes but hope they start making bigger bottles especially for the ones I liked or will like.

    I have tried 4 flavours so I will just review them first:

    1) Valentines Breakfast- This is supposed to be a Belgian Waffle topped with strawberries with a hint of cream. I can easily say that I didn't taste strawberries or cream, they both were definitely missing but sometimes you felt that strawberry just might be there. Also I might not know what Belgian Waffle is supposed to taste like even though I have had it multiple times so I can kinda guess what the flavor should be. I didn't really taste it either. It was a great vape with good clouds but I couldn't point out what the flavors were which was a bit disappointing to say the least but if I had to guess it was close to Graham Crackers. The sweetener was so intense that I felt that I had just eaten a spoonful of sugar. Disappointment but I might vape it again. I give it 3.5/5.

    2) English Iced Tea- This is Ceylon black tea with pecan and maple. I could taste the ceylon black tea on the inhale and pecan and maple on the exhale. A great vape during those raining days or chai sessions. It kinda has that cinnamon chai taste and smell. My driver actually asked me if I smoking chai. Again good vapour production with this juice with a pleasant aroma. I would definitely vape it again but gonna save it for a rainy day. I would give it 4.5/5.

    3) Cool Summers- This is mango and peaches with hint of mint. When you smell it from the bottle, its heavenly. Imagine a freshly cut juicy peach, yeah it smells like that. You will want to vape it straightaway, but be warned that it doesn't taste like it smells. Again the sweetener used was high. It had a similar taste to English Iced Tea but more peachy and rancid. Didn't get the throat hit or the cooling sensation from the mint and felt it was missing something. I would give it 3/5. I might vape it again when I am running low on other juices.

    4) Bubble gum- First the smell, goddamn its good. If you remember eating big babol or that other pink one with the superhero on it, yes the one which gave out sticker tattoos. This is that smell, you will wish you were magically transported back to your carefree childhood while chewing on it and comparing your tattoos with your friends. I didn't order this one, they threw it in for free- calling it their favorite- and I glad they did. When you vape it, it tastes just like the smell I described, their might be a bit of a weird aftertaste but its short. Vapor production is great but that wasn't even in my mind with a taste so good. I would vape it day in a day out. This is actually the first flavor where I felt that they didn't go too heavy with the sweetener, its just right for this flavour. I would give it 5/5 cause its transported me back to childhood.

    My complaint would be that the first 3 of them had a similar flavor profile and they have gone very heavy with the sweetener. I wish they used less sweeteners as it might bring out more of their flavorings. They have positioned themselves as premium e-liquids and I was hoping for that but something was amiss. I was rooting for them the most especially since I found out we are in the same neighborhood. If I had to position them, I would position it a 2 steps above Mt.Baker Vapor so not premium juices but not cheap juices as well. I would also stick with their best sellers or highly recommended. I will try out the other juices I have and will update back soon.

    I hope I wasn't too harsh in my review for this brand and juices. Do let us know what others feel and what flavors you guys liked and didn't like. Any other questions I will be glad to answer.

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    Re: Evolve Vapors Review

    So I ended trying all the juices that I bought from Evolve Vapors.

    5) Nutty Banana Scone- Cinnamon with woody taste of Walnuts with a hint of Banana. If you are into woody taste this is a perfect vape. Strong woody taste of walnuts is there and a hint of cinnamon taste. The taste of banana is hidden, like so well hidden that I couldn't find it. This would make a great vape when you are having some whisky or scotch. The liquid itself was extremely dark but forgot to check my coil for gunking. I would give this juice a 4/5.

    6) Graham Cracker Cereal- Whiffs of cinnamon with crunchy graham crackers swimming in slightly sweetened bowl of milk. Strong graham crackers taste but their was no milk. I had ordered this because I wanted something milky but this was purely graham crackers with cinnamon. Overall not a bad juice if you dont mind just vaping graham crackers but I like mine with milk. I would give it 4/5.

    This is overall a great company making good juices. They all had great vapor production. When they write a hint of something (banana, strawberry, etc.) it will mean its not there because I could never taste it. I would recommend people to try them out especially their signature blend line. The signature blend line is probably the best and I can see these are the top sellers and others are not.


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      Re: Evolve Vapors Review

      WoW Top seller eliquid Manufecturer in India [emoji6]
      M I the only one who missed it

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        Re: Evolve Vapors Review



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          Thanks for the reviews pacp I placed order 12 days back and still waiting for delivery... Apparently the first shipment got lost, due to vehicle breakdown? So they have sent another one... Not expecting to receive it at least for another 2/3 days. The delay in delivery totally sucks!


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            Came across this interview.. check out the comments...


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              So I was trying to place order, and payment failed. I left it there, and someone pinged me on whatsapp, with link to pay and place order. I ignored. Next day same thing. I thought what the heck, let's try it. So placed the order and seems first package never reached bangalore! I was informed after 5-6 days that the vehicle had broken down, so they sent another package. That too after about a week was not deliver even after showing location bangalore....
              So on facebook I got pinged by some girl to buy eliquids from them and I replied it's been two weeks I haven't got my order, I don't think I will order ever again. Later that day Mr.Ratan from eveolve called me and apologised for the delay and said will ship new batch by BlueDart and also adding two free e liquids (who doesn't like free stuff?). So I got these 5x 10ml bottles instead of 3. Just trying them one by one... Fist one is
              -Smooth Cuban, I have tried Cuban Cigar from smoka, it's like real cigar, bit too hard... So Smooth Cuban from Evolve: It smelled very nice from the batch. Not great taste though, it's slightly sweet, burnt/ bitter rather. Good that I didn't fill the whole tank. Has good throat hit.
              -English Ice tea, Does taste like Ice tea/ back tea but bit mild flavour. I'd prefer it little stronger and sweetish.
              -Cool Summers- Little sweet, slightly tangy, bit of menthol. Couple of more flavours to try, will update post soon...


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