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SmartSmokeIndia and Smoka

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  • SmartSmokeIndia and Smoka

    I first got Smoka Paan flavour from vapingadda and i found it good as it was my first flavoured eliquid, but then after few days i found it irritating. So i ordered few other flavours of smoka to give it a try, I can say i really did not liked most of them.

    But then i had a sample of kiwi-mint ejuice from smarktsmokeindia, they sent me a free sample when i purchased NEBOX from them.

    I just gave it a try and it was really good, so now i ordered like 6 different flavours from smartsmokeindia and i gotto say i'm just going throw away the smoka eliquids as smarktsmoke's elquids are really good.

    They come branded as blue liq but i could not find any information about it so i had a word with Karan the owner of and he told me that these are US made eliquids they just buy in bulk and refill them in smaller bottles

    But so far i can say they are really good, you should give them a try

    I've even ordered Onehitwonder - Rocketman and MyMan flavours expecting them to receive them today, will review them today later on. I ordered them directly from OneHitWonder, tracking shows they have already reached my area Post Office , not sure if i'll have to pay any customs on them or not, but lets see

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    Re: SmartSmokeIndia and Smoka

    Woot just got my OneHitWonder from US and no customs were charged and those guys delayed my order 1 day so they even sent a free sample kit of 3 flavours, not sure how many ML but looks like 30 ML each from the size of the bottle


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      Re: SmartSmokeIndia and Smoka

      Try the Ice fruit Punch from karan if its still available if you liked kiwi mint, you will love ice fruit punch!


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        Re: SmartSmokeIndia and Smoka

        [quote author=Legend link=topic=2252.msg21441#msg21441 date=1469614853]
        Try the Ice fruit Punch from karan if its still available if you liked kiwi mint, you will love ice fruit punch!

        Yeah i already got it and it's good


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          Re: SmartSmokeIndia and Smoka

          I second this. I bought a Vaporesso Target Mini based on his recommendation and it was far better than the crappy "premium" kit.

          The liquids I bought were also excellent US made eliquids in original packaging. Great!