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CandyMan Vapes Review (Junior Trial Pack Combo)

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  • CandyMan Vapes Review (Junior Trial Pack Combo)

    Hello fellow vapers,

    I had a juicy-luscious rakhi this year, thanks to CandyMan Vapes. On that crucial day, when I was supposed to show off my vape to my cousins in the hopes of converting them from smokers to vapers, I was lacking the most important ingredient. I was completely out of e-liquids and most vape shops were closed due to it being a Sunday. Few minutes of internal screaming followed by multiple facepalms and a google search led me to CandyMan Vapes, and then the light at the end of the tunnel. Called them up and they said they were open. Hurray!

    I didn't had the opportunity of tasting the goods before the purchase as they had to rush somewhere, but hey, I was in a tight spot myself and desperate. Anyways, moving on. This is my review of the 4 e-liquids that I bought from them as the junior trial pack combo of 4x10ml bottles.

    The e-juices I chose were:

    1. Blueberry Mojito (70VG/30PG-0MG)

    2. Surreal Cereal (Max VG-3MG)

    3. Miami (70VG/30PG-3MG)

    4. Creme de' Latte (70VG/30PG-3MG)


    Blueberry Mojito:
    Man, this flavor is the shizz! I had to go for the 0mg one because this one was almost sold out. Frankly, I don't give a damn about the nicotine content unless it is 6mg or more(which I would never buy), so I had no issue with it being zero nicotine. Hands down their best flavor, in my opinion, and based on some reviews I have read. Very refreshing vape. Nice and cool, minty and lemony exhale. The blueberry is not very strong and felt mostly in the inhale. The exhale kinda gives you the chill that you get when you forget your jacket on a cold day and the wind teases your skin, causing goosebumps. Fairly moderate throat-hit, just the way I like it. I still have a few ml left in that bottle which I'm keeping for a rainy day. One of the few commercially available e-juices that I would consider buying again.

    Surreal Cereal:
    I haven't had fruity loops so I cannot judge the flavor of the juice on the basis of the taste of the original product whose flavor it is trying to replicate. This one is Max VG so a lot smoother than the others and chucks thick clouds. It tastes like lemongrass, you know the one used in tea and herbal remedies. Has a very mellow, astringent ginger-lemon kinda taste which is weird because one would consider fruit loops to taste like fruits and not herbal tea. There are certain fruity notes, but they are very light and are suppressed under the gingery-lemony-lemongrass flavor. All in all, it is a good vape, if you like lemon(or lemongrass) with some fruity cocktail in the background.

    This one is in the same boat as the Surreal Cereal but with a tad more throat-hit. The primary flavors are pineapple and lemon during the inhale. Mint and lemon during the exhale. You can barely taste the mango, but it's there. There are some other flavors which I cannot comprehend. There's a very certain flavor that reminds me of something(dunno if that thing is edible or not) but somehow I can't get my finger on it. One particular reason behind me not able to taste and identify all the favors could be my lack of experience and my palette still getting used to vaping. I have been vaping simple e-liquids consisting of one or two flavors and hence I'm unable to taste all the flavors in a complex blend. The bottle displays pineapple, mango, papaya and red grapes. Maybe one day I will be able to taste 'em all.

    Creme de' Latte:
    This is the sweetest flavor of the lot. No lemon in this one, lol. Lots of caramel and coconut(weird, I know) backed by coffee-creamy goodness. The coconut is very prominent and at first, I thought it was me and not the juice, but I made some friends try it and they agree. Maybe the coconut is there to add another layer of creaminess to the blend. The caramel, coffee, and coconut blend is present in the inhale and the exhale. I can taste some licorice or liquor in this juice which I really liked. This juice will stay in your wicks for a while and will stain them brown. Those who love coconut will really like this e-liquid. I'm not overly fond of it, but I don't hate it either. This is the least used e-liquid so far. I will use it in the RDA as it is hard to get rid of from the cotton. Gunks up the coil pretty fast too. Moderate throat-hit, a much richer flavor profile than the rest.


    Overall, I'm happy with my experience at CandyMan Vapes. It is a father-son venture and that made me go aww because that is one lucky dude, having such a cool and sweet dad. The first thing uncle asked me was how many cigarettes I smoked per day in order to suggest me the nicotine strength. He also shared a lot of insight on flavorings and their bases, dry burning and tweezing coils, and regarding battery ratings and current draw. I had a really educational experience and I would definitely suggest others to try and visit CandyMan Vapes. I even got a ceramic tipped tweezer from them(something I had been searching for and I didn't knew about FT back then). I wish them all the very best and hope we get more people like them. The support and supervision of parents/elders in the vaping scene can work wonders regarding the legality of vaping, the rights and safety of vapers.

    Regarding the juices, at first, I was slightly disappointed by the Surreal Cereal and Miami as I wasn't able to enjoy them as much as my previous e-liquids. But as time passes by, my palette is getting accustomed to complex blends and I can taste a lot more in those juices now then I did back then. I don't think they use sweetener in their juices but use different flavors to bring out the desired taste(like coconut in Creme de' Latte) which is great. They are on the slightly expensive side of the spectrum but definitely worth a try!

    Cheers and regards,
    keep on vaping!
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    Nice review man! Thanks for taking out time to review the eLiquids, will be very helpful to new vapers!
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      Originally posted by AndyK View Post
      Nice review man! Thanks for taking out time to review the eLiquids, will be very helpful to new vapers!
      You're very welcome. I do hope so.

      Cheers and regards,
      Keep on vaping!
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