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ZampleBox (July) unboxing

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  • ZampleBox (July) unboxing

    Here are some pics of my July ZampleBox. Real excited as kind of surprise Will get you some flavour details little late today.

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    [attachment deleted by admin]

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    Re: ZampleBox (July) unboxing

    Wow, awsom
    Enjoy, and do share your views


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      Re: ZampleBox (July) unboxing

      Surely Kalc bhai 😀

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        Re: ZampleBox (July) unboxing

        So Amit, they are directly sending it to your Indian address?
        Nice option, tempting :P
        And what shipping option did they use?


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          Re: ZampleBox (July) unboxing

          Yes direct home delivery in 15~16 days.
          USPS flat rate Intl but without tracking number.

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            Re: ZampleBox (July) unboxing

            Great - i guess i might follow in your footsteps soon
            Do let us know how u ike the eliquids


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              Re: ZampleBox (July) unboxing

              Kya baat hai bhai! Looking great


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                Re: ZampleBox (July) unboxing

                I m just doing my graduation Dr. Kalc lol. 😀
                Will post liquid review tomorrow.

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                  Re: ZampleBox (July) unboxing

                  AndyK bhai. ☺

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                    Re: ZampleBox (July) unboxing

                    ZampleBox review (**)😠😡😣

                    BAD!!! Flavor profile is sort of similar (same mistake repeated as they did in June ZampleBox).

                    I expected some different types of flavours this time. Some kind of jerk is filling the boxes with his eyes closed.

                    All send are desserts see below details:- (6 bottles approx 85ml they sent)

                    1. Cyber e liquid : banana nut bread=
                    Excellent taste of this one.
                    2. Chicago juice mob: Godfather =
                    Sweet nectar/caramel/cream banana.
                    3. D Squared: Gritz =
                    Honeydue brown sugar with custard
                    4. Classified: Indulge =
                    Custard pudding cake
                    5. One up: Ghurros/ icecream =
                    No good flavor
                    6. Goodlife: Mistress =
                    Pear with Vanilla pudding

                    Inspite of clearly selecting my choice of flavour profiles(likes/dislikes) before ordering online, they sent according to their choices.

                    Anyway price, packing n presentation is good.

                    Overall Not recommended !!!
                    #(cc to Mr Tony, CEO ZampleBox)


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                      Re: ZampleBox (July) unboxing

                      Ok thanks for sharing Amit. BTW, whats the flavours u had selected?


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                        Re: ZampleBox (July) unboxing

                        Kalc bhai I selected Tobacco, RY4, fruit loops, milk, bubblegum, coffee, cinnamon cookies and roasted almonds.
                        I marked my dislikes for custard and banana lol...(rechecked order again)


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                          Re: ZampleBox (July) unboxing

                          Wow man! Selecting a flavor profile shouldn't be that tough based on what customer likes and what he/she doesn't like .. For example, if I choose Chocolate, Coffee, Tobacco, etc .. it's a no brainer that I don't have any liking for fruits and bakery stuff.

                          Anyway, ZampleBox will have to work on their offerings based on a customer's profile.


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                            Re: ZampleBox (July) unboxing

                            Good point to debate dear@AndyK.

                            I m not shabby about what they sent but hate all sent are of similar profiles. Though I love desserts, but can't eat desserts in all meals, no matter they maybe made with different recipes.

                            ZampleBox a monthly subcription of eliquid (mostly high VG dripping liquids). Here you choose options your flavour likes/dislikes etc.etc.

                            My point to ZampleBox
                            1. Must maintain diversity in the flavor profiles, it is your USP.(especially dripping is craving out taste buds with vaping different profiles.Tanks/ADV are different vape satisfaction; I feel it this way).
                            2. If you intend to send liquids by your choice; atleast remove the section of likes/dislikes.
                            3. At least don't send flavors specifically marked as a dislike. (He/she may be already saturated vaping with that particular flavor during that course of time. **Remember he/she still likes it).

                            Dripping similar profiles no point. I definitely don't wish to vape desserts of different brands for a month. "Law of dimnishing marginal utility"- vapors tongue...
                            (Andy bhai I know you have leverage of different flavors, you can easily put this small quantity aside, but not same with everyone).

                            "Send something else no issues, but all of the else send are similar; not fair."👎

                            Anyway don't worry not banging up walls 😄, will vape some good ones out of it and leave the rest to steep


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                              Re: ZampleBox (July) unboxing

                              I was about to order a subscription too. But now I am thinking it may not be that great. What about other vape subscriptions?

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