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Klaud Cotton Review

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  • Klaud Cotton Review

    Have been vaping on the Klaud cotton since last week or so and wanted to make sure I use it enough before giving my review. There are some PROs and some CONs related to the Klaud cotton.


    1. You need to use very less in comparison to other material. I use half of what I used to do with the organic cotton or KGD. That's a BIG thumbs up! The Klaud carries a lot more juice if used lesser. I use just as much that slides freely through the coil. If you'd see me using it, you would think that the cotton won't stay inside the coil lol. If you use more, it burns out really quick (you have to re-wick every day and sometimes, twice a day). So, it is important to use lesser since it absorbs lots of juice and becomes fluffy.

    2. Flavor is much cleaner on the Klaud in comparison to other material I have used so far. Right from the first hit, you would taste pure flavor. However, if you use a little extra, you'd feel the taste changing after about 5 hours of moderate vaping. For the first 3 or 4 days, I used thicker strands, as much as I used to use the organic cotton. So I was like changing the wick twice a day.

    3. Wicking is much faster if you use the right quantity of Klaud cotton in your build. It drinks juice pretty fast

    4. Klaud is strong. Even a thinner strand is not easy to break. So it makes it easier to use thinner strand in the coil. Organic cotton breaks a little easier when you pull a thinner strand apart.


    1. It feels like a mix of organic cotton and Silica. When you trim the sides of Klaud wick, it feels like you are cutting a silica wick. I'm a bit concerned about how the Klaud is made. Anyone here know what it is made of apart from cotton? Is it really a mix of more than one material?

    2. If you use more of Klaud cotton in your coil, you will burn the cotton in half a day. You will have to re-wick your atty which is a little painful.

    3. Since it is recommended (in my experience) to use thinner strand, the sides of the wick are not easy to work out. Have to fiddle around a little to have your perfect build. Perhaps, with some experience it wouldn't matter all that much. Wouldn't really say it's a flaw though.


    Amit bhai sent me a pack of the Klaud, so really thankful to you for introducing me to the Klaud cotton bro. Much appreciated!

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    Re: Klaud Cotton Review

    Andy Bhai nice review but if you lost/finish up klaud cotton, would you go out and buy more?


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      Re: Klaud Cotton Review

      Haha that question sounds like rip trippers lol[emoji12]

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        Re: Klaud Cotton Review

        Yup but Andy bro is more smart n techno than any trippers, just request him to change the camera angle in his next tube review[emoji12]


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          Re: Klaud Cotton Review

          I would definitely order more of it if I ran out of my Klaud. The taste is cleaner on the Klaud and if I use the right quantity, don't have to re-wick too soon. Normally I rewick my atty once in 2 days. I'm thinking out loud, if the Klaud is used on a TC mod, it should be a win-win.

          Would love to know if someone here tried the Klaud on a TC mod ...

          (My camera is fkd up bro .. I'm using wife's cam to make videos. I can change the angle of the cam but the reason I keep it close to my face is because I wish to show what I'm looking at. What angle would want me to keep though? Appreciate the feedback )


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