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Which Cotton Is Best For Vaping? Review of Various Cotton Types

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  • Which Cotton Is Best For Vaping? Review of Various Cotton Types

    This is probably one of the most discussed topics in vaping communities. Which cotton is best for vaping? I have used over 10 different types of cotton types that included organic cotton, Cellu Cotton (Rayon), medical grade cotton, uncured cotton, bio-cotton, hemp, braided and hollow silicone wick and more. Based on my personal experience, I am writing this review of different cotton types. Some of the brands included in this review are: Muji cotton, Fiber Freaks, Wick 'N' Vape, Vapefly Firebolt, Kando Cotton, Koh Gen Do and more. I will also mention which are the best ones in terms of wicking, no bad taste, good flavor and easier to work with.

    Vaping Cotton Review

    Vaping Cotton Review

    Let's just talk about the characteristics of a good vaping cotton. The cotton should be easier to work with, it is better if it comes in the form of strands that can be trimmed down to desired shape easily. It should be efficient to wick. Last but not the least, it should NOT have a taste of it's own. While vaping, if a cotton type gives a taste of it's own, I wouldn't recommend using such a cotton type. It is pretty annoying to get medical or chemical sort of taste. I have experience with a few cotton types that produce a taste of their own and trust me, it's not something we want in our atomizers. Here goes my review of the best cotton types that I LOVED using on my atomizers. I'm putting down reviews in the order from my favorite to the least favorite.

    Vapefly Firebolt Cotton Review

    Vapefly Firebolt Cotton Review

    Vapefly Firebolt came as a surprise! I wasn't really expecting it to be this good. First of all, the cotton comes in the form of strands. One end of the cotton has a plastic covering (like a shoe lace) which makes it easy to pass through the atomizer. Once the cotton has been passed through the atomizer, you can remove the plastic cover and use it on the rest of the strand for future wicking. Secondly, I loved the cotton because of the thickness. for some of my atomizers (especially on the Wotofo Profile RDA), the thickness of the cotton is simply perfect! Third reason why I loved the Firebolt cotton is because it's wicking capabilities are amazingly good, it wicks flawless! The fourth and the most important reason why I loved it, no taste of the cotton on it's own. Normally, I can sense the difference in taste whenever I shift from one cotton type to the other. However, there was ZERO change in taste for me. Super love the Vapefly Firebolt cotton! I would rate the Firebolt 10 out of 10 stars!

    UD Miracle Cotton Review

    UD Miracle Cotton Review

    Just like the Vapefly Firebolt, the UD Miracle cotton is truly miraculous! Really loved this cotton too. It comes in thick strands and each strand is so easy to work with. But that's not the only reason why I loved it. Loved it because it too did not produce any taste of it's own. It's wicking capability is no less than the Firebolt and it produces very good flavor. Another thing that I loved about the UD Miracle Cotton is that the bag comes fully packed with cotton. Looking at the quantity in just one bag, feels like I wont need anymore cotton for at least a year to two. Damn! That's a hell lot of a cotton in just that small little bag! Would rate the Miracle Cotton 10 out of 10 stars.

    Wick 'N' Vape Cotton Bacon Review

    Cotton Bacon 2.0 Review

    Alright, I'm going back in time, probably. But it would be wrong if I did not include Cotton Bacon in this review. It was probably one of the most successful cotton types back in 2017. When I first received it, damn I loved it so much that I ordered multiple packs of it and even bought a few to sell to others. Everyone loved the Cotton Bacon 2.0 from Wick 'N' Vape. This cotton too does not have too much taste of it's own but there IS a slight noticeable taste whenever I switch back to it. I mean, not that strong but there is a little taste of it's own. It comes in strands and damn easy to work with, that's one reason why I liked it back in 2017. Also, it's wicking capabilities are good and it produces good flavor. However, it's wicking capabilities are a tad bit lesser than the Firebolt and Miracle cotton. So, would rate the Cotton Bacon 9 out of 10 stars.

    Muji Cotton and Koh Gen Do Review

    Muji Cotton Review and Koh Gen Do Cotton Review

    Both Muji cotton and Koh Gen Do cotton are organic cotton types. Both are almost identical in all properties. Both can wick very well and both can produce pretty good flavor. However, with both I have figured the same sort of taste addition. The taste is clearly noticeable when you switch from some other cotton to one of these cotton types. As to what is the difference between the two, first of all, Muji cotton pads are a little smaller in size as compared to KGD. Secondly, I felt that Muji leaves a bit less taste of its own whereas, KGD leaves a little more taste of it's own while vaping. Apart from that, there is hardly any difference in the capabilities of both. I would rate Muji 8 out of 10 stars and KGD 7 out of 10 stars.

    Fiber Freaks Cotton Pads Review

    Fiber Freaks Cotton Review

    Anyone fancy Rayon cotton? Oh yeah! Fiber Freaks was probably one of the best Rayon (or cellu cotton) type. I tried a few other CelluCotton types but I felt that Fiber Freaks is much better than those. I'm not too sure if FiberFreaks is still available for purchase but the company stopped manufacturing around the beginning of 2018. I bought mine from Creme De Vape UK about 6 months ago. Fiber Freaks come in the form of small pads just like Muji and KGD (Koh Gen Do). It is a bit tough to manage the right quantity of cotton to cut. Even now, sometimes I end up cutting too much or end up cutting too little. It is not really easy to work with. I haven't yet figured out any advantage of using Rayon over organic cotton apart from the fact that Rayon can absorb a tad bit more eLiquid and stay fluffy. The burnt hit on this thing is really-really badass, you wouldn't really want one lol. Definitely can't rate this cotton more than 6 out of 10 stars!

    Kendo Vape Cotton Review

    Kendo Vape Cotton Review

    Kendo is another form of Rayon (Cellu Cotton). The pack contains one lengthy strand of cellu cotton inside (probably 1m length of the strand). Anyone who wishes to work with Rayon cotton, needs to keep a few things in mind. Cellu Cotton does NOT wick like regular cotton. If you put a drop of eLiquid on regular cotton, it will probably get sucked within a few seconds. However, you can put a drop of eLiquid on Rayon and keep looking at it for many minutes before the cotton absorbs it fully. Rayon fibers wick better when you allow it to absorb eLiquid from it's ends. So cut out a needed piece of rayon, put it through the coil and then provide eLiquid at ends of the wick. Rayon will quickly absorb eLiquid and then provide a steady flow of eLiquid to the coil. Kendo vape cotton has a strong taste of it's own, especially during the first couple of hours after fresh wicking. I din't quite like the taste and hence, it is not one of my favorites. Rayon's capability of soaking/absorbing eLiquid is pretty good and it can store eLiquid in it's fibers a tad bit better than organic cotton, probably that's why people love using Rayon in their atties. But Kendo Cotton, I didn't really like much so would rate it 5 out of 10 stars.

    Silicone Wick, Bio Wick, Hemp and More

    The list goes on and on and on. There are probably tens of other types of cotton that I have used. But they are beyond the scope of this review. Bio Wick is just like threads .. a bunch of cotton threads rolled together to form a thicker rope type formation. Didn't really find too many benefits of it. Silica wick .. that's long dead. I used them back in 2012 but with the introduction of organic cotton, silicone wicks are long dead. No use of discussing about those cotton/wicking types.

    Which Cotton Types are Highly Recommended for Vaping?

    So the question, which cotton types would I recommend highly for vaping? The answer is simple. Go with anyone of the top three mentioned and you should be fine. My inclination is towards the Vapefly Firebolt and the UD Miracle Cotton. Out of all the cotton types I have tried till date, I'd recommend the first three any day. Even the Muji cotton is pretty good since it is available in abundance here in India (Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore) from Muji stores. However, if you can get hold of the Vapefly Firebolt or the UD Miracle Cotton, you are in for a surprise!

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