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Joyetech Evic VTC Mini 75W TC/TP Box Mod Review

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  • Joyetech Evic VTC Mini 75W TC/TP Box Mod Review

    Among the most popular Temp Control mods, Joyetech Evic VTC Mini is being discussed everywhere. Mainly because of the good quality and low price combination. I've had 3 VTC mini mods so far and here's my review after playing a while with this mod. All I can say is that it is excellent but it doesn't fire SS wires properly in the TC mode. That would be it's only con apart from a couple of other niggles.

    Price: $40 approx. (SKU 3331700)

    With this mod, you don't need a battery. That's what the passthrough mode does in this mod. If you don't have a battery, no problems. Just hook it up to your laptop with a micro USB cable and go on vaping.

    Looks and Design

    Incredible! The size, the looks and the design is minimalistic, putting the right meaning to "keep it simple". It is simple, yet powerful in a tiny size. The box and the battery cover are strong and sturdy. The magnets on the door are strong strips, won't come off on it's own, not even on shaking. The 510 is spring loaded but there's a small niggle. It does not press down too much, may be just 1mm. Atties with longer 510 connector or protruding center pin may be a little problem. Not all atties will sit flush on it. Apart from this issue, everything about this mod is awesome!

    The firing switch, tactical buttons, screen and the charging port are all on one side. No messy logos or graphics, just plain and simple. No sharp edges, easy to hold, ergonomically well designed, etc. Size is incredibly small just like the IPV D2 that I reviewed a few weeks ago. It is a bit tough to say which one is better out of the two. I'll perhaps go with the IPV D2 because of it's capabilities to fire SS wires in the TC mode but that's not what these mods were intended to do. You can fire all wires but only Nickel and Titanium wires/coils in TC mode.


    Outstanding! Everything about this mod is simply awesome. A very well thought design, good quality board inside, good battery connectors (one spring loaded), good charging port, crisp clear display, easy to navigate menu and everything about this mod is just brilliant.

    Firmware Upgrade

    The firmware is upgradable, who knows we might get an upgrade soon for firing SS wires? That would be sweet! Upgraded the firmware to version 1.20 from the Joyetech website:

    This is one thing that lacked in the IPV D2 and really wish that P4Y adds this little option to their upcoming mods.

    Niggles (CONs)

    Although Joyetech took a lot of care in designing this mod and they tried their best to take care of all the problems, there are a few that I'd like to bring out.

    1. The 510 connector center pin should compress a little more and allow atties with longer 510 connectors to sit flush on the mod.
    2. The mod should fire as soon as the display is unlocked and/or a user exits the menu. There's a delay while firing the mod when a user gets out of the menu or unlocks the display/firing switch.
    3. If possible, provide firmware upgrade so the mod can sense SS wires and allow TC/TP with SS wire builds.

    With these niggles taken care of, Evic VTC Mini can simply be the best single 18650 powered TP/TC mod!

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    Re: Joyetech Evic VTC Mini 75W TC/TP Box Mod Review

    Joyetech Evic VTC Mini TP/TC Box Mod Video Review:


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      Re: Joyetech Evic VTC Mini 75W TC/TP Box Mod Review

      Excited ! Mine just got shipped from FT today. Plan to use it with Nautilus mini and Kayfun lite clone.


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        Re: Joyetech Evic VTC Mini 75W TC/TP Box Mod Review

        Thanks for the review bro Excellent.
        BTW, there are very few mods, which are meant for SS in TP mode. And with DNA200, i know that SS temp coefficient can vary quite a bit - i have to usually check different curves to see which one is working well Anyway, i dont want to go into details, but different manufacturers could produce SS which has different temperature coefficients, even if they call it by the same name - seems like there is a tolerance which can cause the TCR to vary - this is what i am experiencing


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          Re: Joyetech Evic VTC Mini 75W TC/TP Box Mod Review

          Thanks bro for the review. I have one for few weeks (my first and only regulated mod), and i like it.

          I didn't notice the firmware upgrade before you mentioned it I'll probably never reach the 75W, but i like the "live amps" feature though.


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            Re: Joyetech Evic VTC Mini 75W TC/TP Box Mod Review

            @hillsnipe - You're gonna love it bro! It's tiny and will fit in that Saco bag easily

            @Kalc - There's a lot to come in the near future but one thing is for sure, we're going with SS .. other wires just won't get much love once SS is on the menu

            @foobar - Takes only a minute bro and I've felt a little more stability (and power) even at lower watts. Would strongly recommend upgrading the firmware. That's why I posted the link


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              Re: Joyetech Evic VTC Mini 75W TC/TP Box Mod Review

              I have ordered the Joyetech eVic-VTC mini with TRON-S Full Kit from

              I have been using the V2 Pro Series 3 Vaping pen for a few months now and now I feel like I can upgrade to a mod and learn and enjoy more advanced vaping. This is going to be my first mod!

              Here is the item i purchased:

              The battery that looks right: (can anyone find me a cheaper yet original listing?)


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                Re: Joyetech Evic VTC Mini 75W TC/TP Box Mod Review

                You paid Rs 8000 for that kit .. jeez.

                That kit is available for like Rs 4500 from sellers here and on FB communities in my signature. Rather support those sellers and pay Rs 500 extra than paying Rs 8000. Hell pay Rs 6000 to the sellers on FB communities, they will feel good about their effort and for keeping prices fair.

                Do you realize you paid $112 for a kit that costs just $50?