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Magnum Bottom Feeder Mechanical Box Mod Review

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  • Magnum Bottom Feeder Mechanical Box Mod Review

    Among the small sized box mods, the Magnum bottom feeder mech box mod is a good contender. Powered with 18350 battery, this mod is probably among the smallest sized squonkers. The mod looks like an antique cigarette lighter and the top cover works just like a ciggie lighter cover. I didn't expect much from it but the thing works and I was sort of shocked when I built this thing and vaped on it. It works! I mean, not like I'm trying to say it is the best squonker out there or something but it works just like it should.

    [img width=600 height=348][/img]

    Price: $22 aprox (GB SKU 295310)

    Magnum Box Mod Review

    The first thing I wish to say about the Magnum box mod is that it is NOT for new vapers, NOT for newbies and NOT for those vapers who are new to drippers either.

    The design and looks of this mod are just amazing! It looks like some sort of an antique novelty item and also has the looks of an antique cigarette lighter. It also has some weight to it. 170 grams without the battery and close to 200 grams with the battery and eLiquid in it, it definitely is a heavy mod in that size.

    The dripper on this thing is super duper tiny. In the first glance, I was like, "Holy molly! How am I going to build on those small post screws and small deck?"

    But I didn't really have too many problems building on it. What I think, they should have allowed a little taller top cap and should have given about 3mm more space inside. Anyway, it would be better to use the legendary Blue Screwdriver (2.0mm diameter) to make your coils for this dripper. That will give you a little extra room to allow the air pass through it.

    The dripper has a 510 connector. Which means, you can use that small dripper on any other mods you have. However, you cannot use a regular 510 drip tip on the dripper, which is a bummer.

    The juice bottle is super small and kinda looks cute in that small size. The capacity is just 4ml but comparing to today's RTAs, 4ml capacity is a good capacity, that's a lot of juice. However, too less in comparison to the 10ml capacity that other drippers hold. However, I'm not complaining, I like it's small size

    How well it works?

    Well, it does work. Check my video review ..

    In fact, I would say it works beautifully. If I were to rate the flavor ... 7 out of 10 would be my score. If I were to rate the fog ... 6 out of 10 would be my score.

    Howerver, considering it's size and how it works, I'm amazed that it produces moderate flavor and moderate fog. I didn't really expect this thing to work that good. The Magnum is indeed a good stealth mod that you can take along while you are on the go