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The VPark V-Box 30 Watts VW Box Mod Review

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  • The VPark V-Box 30 Watts VW Box Mod Review

    And here comes another small sized, tiny, stealthy box mod to sooth your eyes, the VPark V-Box 30 Watts VW Box Mod which is not only tiny but contrary to it's size, it is a powerful mod! To be honest, I'm in love with this mod more than the Mini Volt Mod I bought and reviewed earlier. The reason is it's size, the battery life and more. Will discuss all of that down in the review but first of all, let's see some pics of this beauty!

    [img width=600 height=784][/img]

    Price: $45 (Avilable here: GB SKU 238998)


    Material: Aluminum Alloy
    Wattage range: 5 - 30W
    Ohm range: 0.3 - 2.0ohm
    Power supply: Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
    Charging: Through onboard USB Port
    Bright LCD display: Wattage / time log / battery status
    Protection on overheating, short circuit and reverse battery
    Dust-proof Micro USB pass-through charging port
    Standard 510 thread with spring-loaded center pin for better contact
    Atmoizer Connector Diameter: 22mm

    VPark V-Box 30w Box Mod Review

    Body/Design: The size of the VPark V-Box 30W is just amazing. Just like the other stealth mods I reviewed earlier, the V-Box is also very tiny and stealthy. The design of the mod makes it very easy to hold. The corners are all rounded and the paint job is near perfect. You get a very nice feel while holding this mod.

    The buttons and switches: I was a bit skeptical about the wattage control switch. It looked somewhat like the Pegasus mod roller thing. But when I used it, no complaints. There's some sort of spring used inside. In order take the wattage up or down, you just have to sway/move the circular switch to left or right and just hold there. The wattage will begin moving down or up, respectively. The firing switch is pretty recessed and the mod won't auto-fire while carrying in your pocket. Also, there is a small switch down there that has On/Off labeled on it. When you don't wish to use the mod, you can switch it off with that switch.

    Functionality: It works like a charm! I hooked up my 0.4 ohm build Velocity RDA on it and the thing just fires it without any hiccups. Although it can fire that low, I would still like to stay around 0.7 ohm. My Aqua V2 RTA is built at 0.7 ohm and it worked beautifully on this mod around 25 watts. What more one can ask for?

    Battery Life: Well, it is advertised that the mod has an inbuilt 1000 MAH rechargeable lithium battery but I didn't have the chance to dive into disassembling the mod yet. That's next on the menu though lol. The battery seems good enough. I have been vaping on it since last 4 hours and it is only half way through. I guess, the battery should be good for at least 8 hours before I will need to recharge the battery. Will update this thread with my findings.

    Overall, this mod is just brilliant. It is tiny, stealthy and works pretty nicely. If you vape around 15 watts and are a moderate vaper, this mod is going to go for perhaps 12 hours before you need to recharge the battery. Pretty happy with this gorgeous looking mod

    Will soon update the pics of the inside: The type of battery, the type of chip and everything else including a video review.

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    Re: The VPark V-Box 30 Watts VW Box Mod Review

    Reserved Post for pics and vid review