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Sigelei Mini Book 40W Temp Control Box Mod Review

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  • Sigelei Mini Book 40W Temp Control Box Mod Review

    You could call it a mini mod based on the "wattage range" but it is just like the VTC Mini or SXK S80 box mod from it's size. In no way it is any smaller than a regular 18650 box mod. And there isn't really anything special about the Sigelei Mini Book 40w TC box mod that I should be talking about because there isn't really anything special about it. It is just another 40 watts box mod. And, I'm not really impressed with the TC chip used in it.

    [img width=600 height=450][/img]

    Price: $37 approx. (FT SKU 3584600)

    Sigelei Mini Book 40W TC Box Mod Review

    Well, this is a sort of "entry level box mod" which is good for new vapers. 40 watts may be good for a newbie vaper but definitely not for someone who likes vaping at higher wattage. It is small, compact, strong, has nice paint and works as mentioned. So if you are looking for a cheap (oh not so cheap) TC box mod, the Mini Book may be considered an option among other mods like the VTC Mini, SXK S80, IPV D3, etc. Although I doubt that it can take the heat when compared to the VTC Mini, IPV D3 and alike. May be, if Sigelei could allow to upgrade it to 70 to 80 watts, it could be a good contender in that price. But as it is right now, I have mixed thoughts about it because I like a few things about it and I dislike a few things about it.

    Box and Packaging

    It comes in a sweet smallish box which contains the Mod, silicon sleeve, Sigelei lanyard, micro USB charging cable, service manual, warranty card, etc. It is a small box in which it comes but it is strong enough to go through the transit. So if you are thinking of ordering this mod, you don't really have to select box packaging.

    Looks and Design

    From the looks of the mod, I like it. Although the paint job done on it catches finger prints easily but still, the mod looks gorgeous in the hand, especially with a black atty on top of it. The material used is solid (Zinc alloy) but I'm not too sure if it can take falls. It may just crack in case it takes a couple of falls.

    Also, the screws used to hold the battery door are pretty small and flimsy. If the mod takes a fall, those screws are going to give up and the battery door may come off. There won't be an easy fix in that case.

    Apart from that, ergonomically, the mod is easy to hold and use. Also, there are no sharp edges/corners. All edges and corners are rounded and thus makes it easy to carry the mod in the pocket. No complaints there.

    The magnets on the battery door are very strong and you will need to apply some force to open the door. I really like that part. The battery bay is however turd. The positive contact point is very small and compresses only a couple of millimeters. You have to force the battery inside in a way that may damage the cover of the battery. Have to be a bit careful while inserting the battery or while taking it out.

    The Fire switch and the adjustment switches are stainless steel and are pretty clicky. No complaints there, really liked the switches/buttons.

    Menu Settings and Temp Control

    I'm not really impressed with the menu settings. I mean, the menu settings work but it's totally different from what we have seen so far. Here are some of the menu settings that you would be using often if you own this mod ..[list type=decimal]
    [li]Press Fire button 5 times to power on/off the mod/display.[/li]
    [li]Press and hold the Up button and then press the Fire button to Lock/Unlock the menu.[/li]
    [li]Press and hold the Down button and then press the Fire button to set base resistance.[/li]
    [li]Press and hold the Down button and the Up button together (for 3 to 5 seconds) to switch between the Power mode and the Temp mode.[/li][/list]The mod has two modes, the POWER mode for vaping in VW mode and the TEMP mode for temperature control mode.[img width=600 height=156][/img]

    You can switch between the two modes and vape in different modes. The chip allows you to set wattage in the Temp control mode, which is a plus (thumbs up) in the favor of the mod. However, the temp control does not work that great. I had to play around with it a lot to find out the right setting for Ni200 and Ti wires. The temp control works only with Ni200 and Ti wires, NOT with stainless steel wires. That's a CON for the chip in this mod.

    The Chip Information

    Sigelei was very reluctant in giving this information when I communicated with their reps on Skype. They kept saying that it is their own chip in their newer mods but refused to give any further information. Well, here it is folks! I wripped apart the Mini Book and disassembled it to the bare minimum. Here's the screenshot of the chip used in the Sigelei Mini Book 40w TC Box Mod:

    [img width=600 height=274][/img]

    It is the SXtech_40W T.C_V2.1 chip that is used in this mod. I'm not too sure if SXTech is a different company altogether or if it is a part of Sigelei but from what I have searched, SXTech has some sort of relation with Asmodus which is a business partner of Sigelei. So I guess, it is their in-house chip as the Sigelei reps mentioned earlier. Well, who knows?

    My Conclusion

    Oh well, what can I say, it is a beginner level mod for $37. I personally do not think that the mod will be able to compete with the already popular Joyetech Evic VTC Mini, P4Y IPV D3 or similar mods. The Sigelei Mini Book 40w TC box mod works but it's just an average 40 watts box mod. I wouldn't even care recommending this mod to anyone because there are much better mods in the same price range or cheaper. I would personally prefer a Tesla mod than the Sigelei newer offerings.

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    Re: Sigelei Mini Book 40W Temp Control Box Mod Review

    Sigelei Mini Book 40w TC Box Mod Video Review:

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