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Vaptio Ascension S150 TC Box Mod and ATC Coil Review

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  • Vaptio Ascension S150 TC Box Mod and ATC Coil Review

    I got this kit, the Vaptio Ascension S150 TC Box mod kit from and am I glad to review this kit! I didn't really expect the kit to work so good but it is amazing to see companies coming up with amazing technology. The atomizer that comes with this kit has a chip in it's coil head, which is simply outstanding. Well, people who know me, they know I don't fall for gimmicks but this is NOT a gimmick! I'm gonna bite my tongue and say, this is the future of vaping!

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    Price: $65 (Link to the kit: HG SKU 552391025)

    Design &amp; Aesthetics

    The mod is nicely designed with a color combination of black and red stripes. Have to give it to the manufacturer, they designed it beautifully. All the corners are very well rounded off. However, the two corners to the front (where you see the fire switch, display and other elements), they should have rounded a bit more just like what we see in the IPV mods. Anyhoo, the size is pretty good for dual 18650 and it&#039;s one solid mod.

    Everything is right on the front. The fire switch, display, adjustment switches and the charging port, all are at the front which is excellent. Thank goodness, they didn&#039;t put the charging port in the base. The menu system is easy, user-friendly and the display is crisp clear.

    The 510 is spring-loaded and I had a little issue with putting the ATC clearomizer flush on the mod. Though my all other atomizers screwed in flush on the mod.

    The battery door is in the base. You have to slide the latch in order to open the battery door and insert the batteries as indicated. Keep the positive side of the battery up where it says + and keep the negative side up where it shows - sign. Overall, I&#039;m pretty impressed with the way the mod is designed.


    It is a beautifully designed mod and if I were to compare it with other mods like the IPV 5, I would say it is at par with those mods. Didn&#039;t really find any niggles to nitpick. The temp control works just as good as it works on the IPV 5. Changing settings and putting up custom TCR is all very easy. Plus, there&#039;s one extra mode .. the ATC (Accurate Temperature Control) mode which is the main attraction of this mod.

    The mod comes with the clearomizer which is equipped with ATC coil heads that have a chip inside. The function of this chip is to provide very accurate temperature settings to the mod so that you can better control the temperature. I will say again, it all seemed like a gimmick to me before I tried the ATC coil in the clearomizer but certainly, it&#039;s a step advancement in the temperature control arena.

    ATC Coil Heads

    The chip inside the ATC coil head senses the temperature which is being supplied to the coil. IF you do not take a puff and simply press and hold the fire button, the mod will fire for a quick second and immediately ramp down because the temperature hits the setting provided by the user. However, if you are taking a puff, the constant supply of air and juice to the coil continues to cool it down. The mod continues to fire the coil and maintains the temperature setting provided by the end user.

    This is simply amazing! The temperature control is so accurate on this mod that there is literally zero chance of you getting a dry hit. This mod/setup is perfect for new vapers who are worried about getting dry hits. Not with this mod/clearomizer, you will not get a dry hit no matter how you try to vape. Take long puffs or shorter puffs, the chip in the ATC coil head will control the temperature to your liking.


    I have played around with lots and lots of mods but the Vaptio Ascension S150 kit has blown me away with the way it performed. I think, this is what the future for temperature control is. It&#039;s coming guys and it&#039;s gonna happen very soon. This kit is available on for about $65 which is a pretty good price for all that this kit can do for you. However, replacement coil heads is my main concern. Will the coil heads be cheap enough? And will it be easy to get hold of the coil heads for a long time?

    Kit Images

    [img height=450 width=600][/img]

    [img height=450 width=600][/img]

    [img height=437 width=600][/img]

    [img height=291 width=600][/img]