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El Diablo Anubis Dual 18650 Mech Box Mod Clone Review

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  • El Diablo Anubis Dual 18650 Mech Box Mod Clone Review

    Well, I LOVE dual 18650 mech box mods for one particular reason. No capping on the wattage! You can push the wattage as far as your batteries allow. This is the soul reason why I love dual battery mech mods. Also, your can push the resistance pretty low on such mods. So, I saw this El Diablo Anubis clone and immediately thought about ordering it. Now that I have owned one and used it enough, here's the review of the mod with pros and cons and also, the video review of fixing the switch problem.

    Price: $20.99 (3FV SKU 10016 - Click to check specifications)

    El Diablo Anubis Clone Review

    The Construction and Build Quality: The clone is built very nicely. Good material, good paint, no sharp edges, no flimsy stuff, everything built and put together nicely. It is hard to tell that it is a clone, looks pretty original. The 510 is adjustable. All the screws in the mod are of good quality, no complaints there. There is a slight issue with the switch but it can be fixed, watch the video review I have posted at the end of this review.

    Ease Of Use: Once again, no complaints there. The mod is easy to use. Just remove the base plates and pop the batteries in with positive end of the batteries going inside and negative ends staying exposed to the two plates. The overall circuit of the mod is pretty solid. I didn't experience anything heating up inside even at 0.1 ohm.

    Switch Problem: This is the only CON on this clone. You have to press the switch pretty hard in order to push the plate down there to make contact with the screw below it. However, that can be fixed by opening the top cap assembly and making the switch protruding. It is easy to fix the problem, in my opinion.

    Anubis Vs Abaddon Vs Castigador: I have tried a lot of dual 18650 mods but those are my 3 favorites so far. I loved the Castigador a lot but the problem with it was the hinge joint heating up at lower sub-ohm. The hinge joint was creating lots of heat on that one. With the Abaddon, my only niggle was the tapes used in the top cap assembly in order to insulate the metal pieces. Tape for insulation? May be good idea on electrical wires. But on metal pieces? Not a good idea. Anyway, I still loved the Abaddon.

    Anubis is on a whole new level though. First of all, it's size is magnificent and it's looks are gorgeous. The mod looks pretty beautiful IMO. And there is no bottle-neck on this mod as far as I know. The switch is indeed an issue but again, it can be fixed by loosening the screw on the switch spring. The best part is that they used hard plastic to insulate between the negative and positive terminals in the top cap, which is excellent! Safety first!

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    Re: El Diablo Anubis Dual 18650 Mech Box Mod Clone Review

    Yes, this is indeed a true demonstration of space utilisation. I am in love with this mech mod...running @ 0.13ohms without any fuss.
    Thanks Andy bhai for the switch fix...but I still feel that switch could be little more better...☺️


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      Re: El Diablo Anubis Dual 18650 Mech Box Mod Clone Review

      Yes agree there bro, the switch isn't that butter smooth. If the switch was a little better, this would have been the best mod. I believe, the switch can still be fixed with a little modding.