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iJoy Solo Plus 85W 26650 Powered TC Box Mod Review

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  • iJoy Solo Plus 85W 26650 Powered TC Box Mod Review

    iJoy is gaining a considerable market share with their innovative products. Their new iJoy Solo Plus 85W TC Box mod is a new addition to their production. The mod is powered with a 26650 battery but can also be powered with a 186650 battery if you use the 26650 to 18650 adapter/converter. I recently published a video review of this mod and have to say, it is an outstanding mod! They have integrated something different, a "Taste Control" feature that allows you to fine-tune your wattage to get better taste and flavor.

    Price: $37.79 (Full specks here: GB SKU 366087)

    CONSTRUCTION: The construction of the iJoy Solo Plus mod is just brilliant! Although the mod is powered with a 26650 battery, but it is designed in a way, it does not feel too big or bulky. The have rounded both sides (front side and the battery side) but tapered at the front where they have put together the switches, screen and the charging port. The top platform around the 510 is 25mm wide, so your 25mm atties will sit flush on the mod. Ergonomically, it is easy to hold the mod.

    The paint job is nice. It is made out of a hard but light-weight zinc alloy with teflon coating on the outside. The teflon coating is not a finger print magnet. Plus, the mod doesn't become too slippery. The switches are all stainless steel and do not make any noise when the mod is shaken. The 510 connector is again stainless steel and the center pin is spring loaded.

    MENU AND TASTE CONTROL: The menu on the "iJoy Solo Plus 85W 26650 TC mod" is designed pretty nicely. It is easy to navigate through the menu and it is user-friendly. The Taste Control feature allows you to fine tune the wattage to have a better control over your vaping experience. Taste Control is simply fine-tuning the wattage to set your desired wattage.

    The TC Temperature Control works pretty good. You get the option of locking the wattage. BUT, you have to lock the wattage in the mech mode and then change over to the Taste Control feature or the Temperature Control mode. The TC mode works absolutely fine and with the wattage setting in TC mode, the accuracy is a little bit more.

    OVERALL EXPERIENCE: I didn't really expect this mod to work so good! But it works flawless. The Taste Control feature with Kanthal wire builds and TC with SS, Ni or Ti wires. Amazingly good mod! And the price, about $40! If you are looking for a single battery mod but something that lasts a whole day even on chain-vaping, this is the one for you! Make sure to get a 26650 battery though. If you can arrange a 26650 battery, I highly recommend iJoy Solo Plus 85W mod!