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HCigar VT75 Evolv DNA 75 Temp Control Box Mod Review

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  • HCigar VT75 Evolv DNA 75 Temp Control Box Mod Review

    Evolv DNA75 mods are showering from the sky and here comes the HCigar VT75 Evolv DNA 75 powered Temp Control box mod which can be powered either by a 26650 battery or a 18650 battery. The mod is equipped with the latest version of DNA 75 from Evolv, so there wont be a question for the quality of the circuit board inside. But what about the other components inside the mod? So here is a detailed review of the mod along with disassemble pics, repair instructions and video review of the mod in action.

    Price: $99.00 (GB SKU 415024)
    (12% off with coupon code ecig12off)

    HCigar VT75 Review

    Construction & Build Quality: SPOT ON! The construction of the mod is excellent! All the switches, display and the charging port are at the front. No stupid graphics on sides or anywhere else, just a couple of logos of the model VT75 and HCigar on the sides. The paint on the front bezel is black which is my only concern. Without a sleeve, it is going to wear out in a few months. However, the main body has anodized paint which is not a finger print magnet and gives a good grip on the mod.

    The 510 connector on the HCigar VT75 mod has a spring-loaded center pin. When disassembled, I found that the 510 is a unique design, something I have not seen in other mods. The whole 510 unit is a custom designed and sealed from all sides so that the juice does not run inside. The battery door threads are butter smooth and allows a user to unscrew the battery cap easily, without the need of a screwdriver. However, the battery door center pin requires screwing a small screw in order to make full contact with shorter length batteries. The same screw allows you to use button top batteries as well as flat top batteries. The mod can accommodate batteries up to 67.5 mm length (I have not tested but looking at the dimensions of the mod, it seems lengthy 26650/18650 batteries and button top batteries wont be a problem).

    EScribe Software and Menu Settings: There isn't really much to talk about here because Evolv's Escribe software is fully customizable. You can design your own menu settings, make your own profiles and what not! However, the mod comes pre-installed with a few settings that allows the user to simply hook up an atty and insert the battery and begin vaping. In order to customize settings, all you to do is download and install the Escribe software from Evolv website and once installed, attach your mod to your computer and Voila!

    Security Features: The onboard charging port on the HCigar VT75 mod is truly a bliss! Easy to use, accurate and stops charging the battery at 4.2V which is simply perfect! What I loved about the mod in particular is the "Amp Draw" display which is a totally unique feature of the Evolv DNA75. You can actually see the Amp you are drawing from the battery which tells you whether you are vaping within the safe limits or not. Apart from this feature, the DNA75 circuit board provides tens of other security features and that's what makes DNA powered mods the best in the market!

    Verdict: Would I recommend the HCigar VT75 mod to other vapers? Definitely! You bet! This is indeed one of the best mods I have used so far. The temperature control is accurate, the mod has all the security features, it can be powered with a 18650 or a 26650 battery, the looks are gorgeous, the construction is impeccable, the charging is flawless, what more can anyone need in a mod? Oh, by the way, you can use 22mm, 24mm, 25mm .... up to 30mm atties on this mod .. the top deck can hold any type of atomizer and not look ugly

    HCigar VT75 Video Review: