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Smok Nano One 80W TC Mod with TFV4 Nano Atomizer Review

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  • Smok Nano One 80W TC Mod with TFV4 Nano Atomizer Review

    Smok has been on the go with various different innovative mods recently, they are coming up with new mods, improved mods one after the other. Although Smok hasn't been one of my favorite brands because of various reasons (no onboard charging, no firmware upgrade, etc) but this one, the Smok Nano One 80w TC Mod was a shocker! This mod has all those options that anyone looks for in an ideal mod. Onboard charging, firmware upgrade option, small size, excellent chip with different profiles in VW and in TC modes, TCR function and just name anything, it is included in this tiny little 18650 powered mod!

    Where to buy:

    Smok Nano One Kit Review

    The mod is beautifully constructed and looks like the Evic VTC Mini mod. Almost the same size and similar construction. The paint job is nice and smooth but not a finger-prints magnet. The battery door is solid and held in by good strength magnets. The 510 center pin is spring-loaded, which is pretty helpful in making a clean contact. All of the switches (fire switch and adjustment switches), display screen and the charging port are on the front side of the mod. That makes using the mod, watching the display screen, making adjustments, charging, etc all that easy. Full marks on the construction of the mod.

    The Chip and Internal Parts

    Disassembly of the Smok R-Steam mod is pretty easy. All you have to do is unscrew two small screws from the battery holder and you can easily disassemble and repair the mod. The chip used inside this mod didn't have a brand-name on it but the version VIVI 76 Ver 1.1 is mentioned on the chip/circuit board. The switches used are plastic. Although they are nice and work properly, but would have preferred if Smok had installed metal switches.

    The insides of this mod are exactly like what I have seen in the Evic VTC Mini mod. Not a bad thing to replicate a successful model, I think they did great with the R-Steam mod. For any kind of repair with the 510 connector, you will have to remove soldering off the 510 connector and then you can fix or troubleshoot problems with your mod.

    Functionality and Performance

    The mod works beautifully! The menu settings are easy to understand, user-friendly and really useful. Different profiles make it easy to fine tune to your perfect sweet spot. There are 5 different profiles .. Min, Soft, Normal, Hard, Max. I really enjoyed vaping on Hard and Max settings, the mod gives extra power on those profiles. The profiles work in the VW as well as the TC mode. The TC mode works absolutely fine in my opinion. No problems with the TC or any other functionality. The mod simply does what it is supposed to do. So, can say that the Smok R-Steam 80W TC Mod works brilliant in the VW and TC modes!

    Where to buy?

    Well, if you are in India, you can buy the kit from Kaustub Reddy Kadire.
    But if you are not in India, you can perhaps buy the kit from FastTech.

    Package Contents

    Smok R-Steam 80W Mod
    Micro USB 2.0 Cable
    Smok TFV4 Nano Atomizer
    Replacement O-Rings for TFV4
    Smok Vape Band
    Spare coil head
    Service Manual
    Product Info Card
    Battery Safety Card
    Warranty Card

    Smok Nano One 80W TC Kit Video Review: