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How To Get A Defective Product Replaced From FastTech?

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  • How To Get A Defective Product Replaced From FastTech?

    If you purchased a product from FastTech and it has gone bonkers on you or came DOA (Dead On Arrival), if the product is still within warranty, you can get it replaced from FastTech. I'm putting down the procedure on how you can get a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number from FT and send the product back. Explaining the whole procedure so that you get a faster response ..

    FastTech RMA Procedure:

    1. Write down the order number on a piece of paper. Then make a video of the problem, showing the problem with your product and also showing that piece of paper with the order number. Be as descriptive as possible. Details would help a lot. Do not mention the name FastTech or FT in your video. Just stick to the product name and the problem. Your video is specifically for FT, so there is no reason to say "I bought it from Fasttech and they sent me a bad product". The video should be about describing the product. FT may share your video with their supplier/manufacturer.

    Note: If it is a product with inbuilt battery and there is something wrong with the battery (burning smell, short circuit, etc), DO NOT try to attempt to show that in the video. Simply state that the battery gives a burnt smell. We do not want to end up on news channels

    2. Upload the video on Youtube. Try to upload in HD quality. Once uploaded and saved, move on.

    3. Head over to FastTech.com and create a ticket and make sure to mention the problem, order number, all that you had ordered in that particular order, link to the Youtube video, etc. Make sure to request them to generate a RMA. Also mention that you will NOT accept any other offer than to return the mod and get the replacement (in case you do not want to settle down with some gift certificate or a little monetary benefit). The idea here is to get the RMA number ASAP without exchanging too many messages. Each time you reply back to the ticket, it is going to take some time for FT to get back to you. You may end up wasting a lot of your time. So make your mind in advance, what would you want to do with your defective product. A lot of times, the problem is minor and can be fixed. In those cases, let FT offer you a monetary benefit in the form of a gift card.

    4. FT may reply soon or may reply in days. Right now, during major events, FT has little staff but loads of tickets in the queue. For example, current waiting time during the Chinese New Year is 26+ hours. So, each time you reply to the ticket, you have to wait pretty long to get a response from FT support.

    5. FT will send you the RMA number and the address where you have to send the package. The address will NOT have a phone number or Pin Code. But that's ok. While shipping your stuff, just tell the shipping company that it is a very popular company in China. They did not provide any Pin Code or Phone Number. In any case, you can always get the phone number from FT's Contact Us page but that number is a US phone number. So, won't be of any help.

    6. Once you have the RMA number, write it down in BIG letters on a piece of paper and insert that paper along with the mod in a bubble wrap. Next part is very important.

    7. Put one whole roll of brown tape on the bubble wrap. Make sure to wrap it like there is no tomorrow. (I'm just kidding about consuming one full roll. Just trying to say that put enough tape so that anyone hesitates to open it during transit). Then put it in another box and again put loads of brown tape on it. The idea is to not only pack the merchandise nicely but also discourage anyone from opening the package when it is being transported.

    8. Put the return address along with the RMA number on a piece of paper. Stick this paper to the box with a clear tape. Also, write in BIG letters what's in the package. Don't have to write Ecig or anything. Just write anything .. Plumbing parts, Industrial tools, Nuts, Bolts, anything. But NO electronics or anything objectionable.

    9. Visit the post office. Try to find an IndiaPost office in some rural area where they don't give a damn what's in the package. If they ask you, just repeat whatever you wrote on top of the box. They will wonder what the heck is that and give up. They will simply accept the package. Do a speedpost or registered mail/parcel.

    10. Bring home that IndiaPost tracking number receipt and update it in the FT ticket. FT will reimburse the return shipping fee to you straight away. Most probably, they will offer you a gift certificate. I'd say, accept it. But you can always check with FT if they can transfer that amount to your bank account. In that case, there may be some fee involved to transfer the amount to your bank account, electronic bank transfers are not free.

    11. The wait game begins from this point onwards. May take weeks to months before FT will get your package. When you see it is delivered, update your ticket again informing them that the package shows delivered. Normally, IndiaPost takes about 7 to 10 days to deliver the package to FT.

    12. FT will send the replacement. The waiting game begins again. From this point onward, it will be just like ordering a new product from FT. They will follow the same procedure to send the replacement product to you.

    FastTech is a very reliable company in my opinion. I have bought over 550 products from FT so far and had to return about 5 products. Each time, FastTech was extremely helpful. Just make sure that you use a very professional language and you wont have any problems with getting your product replaced.

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    Very Helpful post Just to add to the above Post, paypal india offers a shipping returns reimbursemen,t if the shipping company doesn't pay for the return. Dropping a link below for this: - https://www.paypal.com/in/webapps/mpp/returns
    Pre-requisite is that you need to opt for shipping returns cover (upto 15USD). It's free and you need to have paid via pay-pal for the transaction.
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