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World Cup Fever-Pitch Festival, $500 COUPON FOR TOP WINNER

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  • World Cup Fever-Pitch Festival, $500 COUPON FOR TOP WINNER

    Hello ECF Friends,

    If you're anything like us, you're more than a little-bit excited that the 2018 FIFA World Cup RussiaTM is about to kick-off \o/.

    We've created 32 coupon codes. That's one coupon code for each team taking part.

    Pick the team you want to support. Use the coupon code for that team, and place an order with us, for anything (except clearance) - there's no lower limit! Once you've done that - we will automatically enter you in to the contest, and you will have28 chances to win!SEE THE RULES

    Third place playoff: Winners announced 14th July.
    3rd Place:
    4 x $50 Coupon (4 winners)

    Final: Winners announced 16th July.
    2nd Place:
    3 x $100 Coupon (3 winners)

    1st Place:
    1 x $500 Coupon (1 winner)


    Keep Eyes on The Course with HealthCabin.

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    Dragon Boat Festival Service Schedule

    Please be aware and make note of the following times and dates.

    Our services will be interrupted during the Dragon Boat Festival in the countries and regions where the holiday is observed.

    To avoid a potential inconvenience, we would like to ask you to adjust your purchasing schedule according to the following timetable.

    HealthCabin Marketing Team