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Vaptio Super Bat 220W, the homecoming of the Vaptio Hero

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  • Vaptio Super Bat 220W, the homecoming of the Vaptio Hero

    Introducing the Super Bat 220w, multi-purpose vape mod, the perfect combination of power and design to meet the demands of serious vape chasers. Meticulously designed and crafted to maximize your vaping experience this innovative design features an advance, intuitive UI and super cool interactive LED lighting system to enhance your visual sense. Super Bat 220w there is a new hero in town.

    Kit includes,
    1* Super Bat 220w mod
    1* Frogman tank
    1* W2 coil
    1* W8 coil
    2* User Manual
    1* USB cable
    1* Replacement glass tube

    Cell, 2* 18650
    Mod size, 85.5 * 46.0 * 30.0
    Output power, 1w – 220w
    Screen, TFT 1.3 inches
    Color, Black / Silver / Red
    Tank Capacity, 2ml / 5ml

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    Vaptio Super Bat comes to appearance there is no rival.

    The mod case features a special bat hero design with a colorful LED lighting system.

    Choose your style with 6 vibrant colors and 3 light array opyions, single color, single color flashing or multiple color flashing.

    Light up the night with colorful vaping.

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      This is indeed a gorgeous setup! Looooove the design of this beauty!
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        Super power with fingertip control

        Equipped with multiple output control, the Super Bat puts the power in your hands.

        Delivering both power and agility with a variable controlled max output of 220w and 100-315℃ temperature control customizing your vaping experience has never been easier.

        Simply choose from one of our 3 smart mode settings or use the wattage, temperature curve modes (CCW/CCT Modes) to set your personal preferences.

        Temp mode to enhance your flavor, watt mode to maximize vapor.

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        • #5
          Super safety shield

          Every hero needs armor to protect against harm,

          The Super Bat 220w features a leak proof electrode retaining collar,

          Like a protective shield it guards your electronics and ensures your vaping safety.

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          • #6
            you may have lots of tricks and tools on your utility belt,

            and that they seemed to be the source of solutions to any problem.

            still, sometimes you will need to reload your very favourite weapon just because

            it is so damn efficient and you cant stop using it.

            So go ahead and reload your vaptio Super Bat with two 18650 batteries,

            and keep fighting, keep winning, keep being the hero.

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              Vaptio Super Bat review from IndoorSmokers

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                This Vaptio Super Bat 220W has a huge 1.3 inch HD color screen in the front side and Shining LED flash light in the back side.What do you think of this Hero series kit?

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                  What an amazing mod it is! The chip is VERY powerful, lots of LED options, this mod is total fun! And the atty looks so gorgeous too!



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