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What is the Atomizer?

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  • What is the Atomizer?

    Atomizer or just “atom” does the main job of the e-cigarette. It creates vapor from e-liquids. Without atomizer, e-cigarette is just a battery with buttons. Unlike the Drip Tip, the atomizer has a tank for storing e-liquids stock which provides more burning time without keep-refilling.
    The atomizer is divided into two types. One is called Sub-ohm Atomizer , another one is called Rebuild Tank Atomizer(RTA). You can not see any differences about them on the surface. We will tell you more information so that you can choose the one that suits you best.
    Let's look at the various part of the Atomizer
    The top detail is the Drip Tip where the steam comes out. You touch it with your lips when using it. Dip Tips are made of heat-resistant plastic or metal. Plastic Drip Tips are more comfortable, they do not heat up in the process of burning, but their shape affects the amount of steam. A narrow Drip Tip will spit out a thick but lesser amount of smoke, while a wider one will produce a larger cloud of steam.
    Below the atomizer is a filling compartment. Simply slide the top cap, you can finish the refilling quickly and easily. You will also get a great vaping experience through the sophisticated and accurate airflow control system. Liquid capacity is a key feature of Atomizer. It is a transparent filling compartment where stores the E-liquid and the capacity usually 2 to 5 milliliters. Smaller capacity makes the device compact. If you want a quickly and frequently rise on the high power side, we recommend using more than 4 ml of stronger atomizer.
    The central element of the atomizer is the evaporation chamber. There are two main elements in it: a wick which is soaked in a E-liquid and heated by a spiral to evaporate the E-liquid. This is exactly the difference between the Sub-ohm and the RTA. The RTA in the chamber has a rack for mounting the coil spiral and the slit of the rack. The spiral and wick are manufactured separately. It takes some skill and time to prepare and lay it.
    Sub-ohms work on a replaceable evaporation chambers. It is a Coil with a wick wrapped in a metal case. Unlike the RTA, the user simply completely removes the old evaporator and installs a new one.
    Advantages and disadvantages of RTA
    • Different coils and wicks give different taste sensations. You can very finely adjust the tank for yourself.
    • Coil and wool are very cheap.
    • One helix can be cleaned several times, only replace the wick.
    • Winding is real a hobby.
    • Improper winding will cause the tank to leak or give a burnt taste.
    • First building coils, you need professional guidance. It is more expensive than the atomizer.
    • It is impossible to replace the heater without a set of tools.
    Advantages and disadvantages of Sub-ohm
    • Quickly replace degraded with a new atomizer
    • Do not need tools for maintenance
    • Do not require special skills
    • Evaporators are quite expensive.
    • The using time for the replaceable element usually 10-15 days
    • You can select ready-made options from the manufacturer only
    • The burned-out atomizer can not be restored any more - just throw it away
    If you are a beginner, we recommend using the Sub-ohm. You will spend less time on the maintenance. But if you want to challenge yourself, choose RTA that you can select the amount of the steam, the resistance of the spiral, the flow rate of the liquid and the flavors of the liquid.