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fake/bad coils by evapeshop.in

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  • fake/bad coils by evapeshop.in

    Just new to vaping... I ordered my setup from evapeshop.in eleaf istick 50 w and aspire nautilus tank... The tank and battery are good and work perfect.. However when i ordered an extra pack of coils from the same vendor... I think i got either fake or just a bad pack of coils... The original coils which came with tanks lasted me a good 2-3 weeks... Both 1.6 and 1.8 ohm but the extra 1.8 ohm coils i ordered seem to die / get burnt in just like 4-5 days... They dont even last a week... I could have been just unlucky to recieve a bad pack of coils they.might be original and not fake but just bad... So for coils i wont recommended evapeshop.in but iam happy with my tank and mod box... Anyone else had the same issue with the vendor???

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    Re: fake/bad coils by evapeshop.in

    Not many people in my knowledge have bought through evapeshop but isn't it the same seller on Ebay.in? I have noticed few people bought through the Ebay.in evapeshop and I think the seller is registered here on IV forums (or may be I'm mistaken) .. Did you try to contact them and informed them about the poor performance of coils? I would suggest you to do so ..


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