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  • esutta

    My experience with esutta.
    The guy called me and asked me if I wanted to buy the 888 Vapers liquid like I did and enjoyed the purchase earlier. Naturally I said yes, He sent 4 bottles of 30 ml e-liquid to me for Rs. 4000. And he has got some shit mixed into them. Luckily I had some juice left to test, these liquid smell of synthetic air freshener. I have all the four bottles. I hereby use the forum, to ask for a complete refund and compensation for my health. My friend at IIIT-H chem lab confirmed the presence of complex polymers generally found in deodorants by far toxic to breathe (God, Know what happens when this heats up).
    I dont intend offence, but if these manufacturers think they can't get away with anything they are Wrong!
    I can send sample to anyone who wishes to check, cause this liquid is a piece o reckless art.
    If the owner fails to respond, I will have to seek the consumer court!
    Now to add to my pains, there inbox is full and you cant even send them the mail.

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    Re: esutta

    Feel bad to know about your experience Anubhav bhai. I hope your health is fine. Saw your and Nikhil's conversation on FB and I guess the matter is being taken care of.


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      Re: esutta

      Hi Anubhav & Andy,

      I know this msg is a few months after this post but are there any further development on the esutta issue?
      This kind of news actually rattles everyone in the group as unethical and corrupt practices end up making all indian sources look bad.

      I hope this incident is not prevalent amongst other suppliers here in India.
      It's better to burn out, than it is to rust
      The King is gone, but is not forgotten


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        Re: esutta

        Moral of the story: Till the time India gets size able amount of vaping buffs, these quality issues would surely happen. Since beggars are not the choosers.
        Learnings- Get your hardware from Fast-Tech, and learn to mix your own liqs to save your health and money.

        It would still require atleast 5 more years when Indian vendors would focus more on quality and customer service rather than margins and profits.


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          Re: esutta

          Guys, As a precautionary measure - the entire batch was rejected and taken off the site - it was later that our supplier admitted that the problem was with the batch of nicotine - he resend the shipment with lab report. then only it was again taken on site


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            Re: esutta

            that is a lame excuse, nicotine wouldnt cause synthetic air freshner smells or complex ploymers, would it


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