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My experience with Baba vapes

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  • My experience with Baba vapes

    Just the other day, I had written to Baba vapes sales department regarding the safety of their eliquids. Since I am new to this and read in a lot of forums about eliquids safety I just wanted to see if all eliquid manufacturers in India practised safe standards. Well they sure left me annoyed with their answer. This was what I had written to them.

    Was just going through your site.
    Was very interested on this topic "Our e-liquids are regularly tested and are always found to be free of heavy metals and diethylene glycol.We adhere to strict protocols with regular laboratory testing to check for diacetyl and other toxins."
    If you could please provide me more information on this.

    Like who does the certifications? Is it a reputed lab. Are there certifications you could provide me.

    I am just very paranoid as I am just getting into vaping and want to be super safe and know what's going in my system. Of you could provide something similar as the attachment it would put my mind at ease and be most grateful and would love to order juices from you in the future.

    Their response to me:

    Certification is from The people we buy our supplies from.
    We have no plans to share those details.
    If you have doubts don't vape.

    I didn't know how to respond to that. I also attached a document taken from halo eliquids where they have individual certifications for all their eliquids. Also found the same in the Mt. Baker eliquids site. Not trying to compare these companies to Baba or anything but they do mention it on their about us section which I highlighted to them. So was I wrong to question them? And the sales department to tell me don't vape! I was like what, thought everyone was in it to help smokers quit.

    I also wrote to Jay of Mystic Plumes regarding this matter and he was at least a little more helpful telling me that most eliquid manufacturers in India were working towards certifying their eliquids. On this matter I hope it's true as more and more newbie vapers like myself start entering the market and are overwhelmed by decisions as to which eliquid to buy at least if we had one aspect of it already taken care like safety we can break our head less when it comes to choosing flavouring and nicotine level.

    So please if any of the bigger eliquid manufacturers in India read this providing some form of proof in certification and not just a couple of lines on your website saying your eliquids are safe can go a long way in putting all future customers minds at ease.

    As for Baba Vapes - you be the judge, with no proof of testing how do I know Baba.
    Mystic Plumes - Honest, but hope you get certifications soon. I like your customer service.

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