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TinyDeal.com Cheats and Sucks!

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  • TinyDeal.com Cheats and Sucks!

    I wish to bring this to everyone's notice that TinyDeal.com loves to cheat their customers. They recently approached me for having their website listed here on IndianVapers.com and requested for a supplier account.

    I never add forum suppliers without testing them fully. So that's what I planned to do in case of TinyDick ...oh I mean, TinyDeal.com

    Although I did not find any vaping product cheaper with them, but I wanted to buy a cell phone. Since these guys sell all sorts of electronics, I found a LeEco phone and the specifications of this phone looked outstanding. But guess what, they have "over-speced" the specifications of the smartphone. The phone has a 16 MP camera but these guys mentioned the camera is 21 MP.

    LeEco Le X626 4G Phone + PU Leather Case + Silicone Case + 2 Pcs Screen Protector + Dust Plug + Stand Gift (Listed for $135 approximately)

    Anyway, I put the phone through. I was just a sleepy-head and didn't care to cross-check the phone specifications on LeEco official website. But a couple of hours later, I thought, let's check the same phone on GearBest.com and see what price have they listed it for. And that's when I noticed that GearBest had clearly mentioned on their website that "Other websites are mentioning this phone with 21 MP camera, but it is 16 MP camera.

    I immediately checked on the LeEco official website and found out that GearBest was correct. The phone has actually a 16MP rear camera, NOT 21 MP. Love you GearBest, thank you so much for doing the right thing! Thank you so much!

    I was shocked a bit but this is nothing new. There have been such instances in the past too with a couple of other sellers from China. So I thought, oh fck it, I'm going to cancel the order. So I headed over to TinyDeal.com and logged into my account and searched around to find where I could cancel the order. As per their FAQ, if your order is showing "Pending" status, you can cancel the order yourself. However, if the status shows "Processing", then you need to send an email to sales@tinydeal.com and request cancellation of your order. My order was showing "Processing" status.

    There is NO OTHER WAY to cancel the order. There is NO ticketing system or anything of that sort. So I wrote an email to them "the same day" for cancelling my order. Guess what, no response from these bastards.

    A couple of days later, I received an email from them stating that my order is shipped. Yayyyy!

    I again sent an email to the same email ID asking why did they not cancel the order? I got this reply ........

    Dear MYNAME,
    This is Nikita, the representative of TimyDeal Customer Service. I am happy to assist you further.

    Sorry,we did not received your email about cancel this order 4020075505940003075735.

    We are unable to cancel it any more when it shipped.
    Hope you can understand!

    Have a nice day!
    Truly yours,
    Guess what Nikita, you and your company sucks! A big one! You can't even type th name of your company correctly in an official email? It is TinyDeal and not TimyDeal. Wow, is this the level of shit you blow in your customers' face?

    I told them immediately that I am raising a dispute through Paypal and they better cancel that phone order. I guess, it was a mistake, I should have let the phone go in the mail. But anyway, I contacted Paypal and filed a dispute. Paypal acted promptly and canceled the order within 3 days. Thank you Paypal!

    And here comes the fun part. Guess what, Miss Nikita cancelled the order now. Hmmm wait a second, didn't she mention that she is unable to cancel the order when it is shipped? I think that's what she said. No matter if the sky falls on her head, she can't cancel the order. No matter if the planet Nibiru hits the planet earth, she still can't cancel the order. Oh dear, how helpless the poor girl was.... I feel pity. But looks like, contacting Paypal did some magic, didn't it?

    TinyDick ... oh jeez, I mean, TinyDeal.com also sells vapegear. So, who wishes to buy vapegear from these cheaters? Anyone?

    Oh well, I just wanted to warn you that paying these bastards is your choice but refund is NOT. Because these guys become totally helpless when it comes to refunding people's money. Who knows what are they actually going to send in the package .. Bricks anyone?

    TinyDeal.com SUCKS and cheats customers!
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    Thank you for warning us bhai

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      Hey, new here. Thank you for warning. I was going to purchase $500 worth phone from their website but your warning saved me from getting robbed. Thank you again for saving me my money. I will buy from Gearbest instead.


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