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    Default eLiquid Import Query

    Hello Experts,

    Searched the forum and couldn't find the info, please point me to a link if this topic already exists.

    I am looking to import NIC based Joyetech or other brand eLiquids from Heavengifts. Questions:
    - Any specific Indian customs laws to be aware of for NIC based eliquids. Is it legal if I don't have an import licence? Can the shipment be detained/confiscated without an import licence?
    - What % customs duty are defined for eLiquid imports
    - I would order about 20 bottles of 30 ml each - is it likely to cause issues and should I reduce the quantity and/or split into batches. This will likely cause higher shipping cost and won't get the bulk discount. But will go this way of ordering in bulk will cause issues.
    - Recommended shipping method/carrier to use.
    - Anything to else to keep in mind?

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