Got myself an eVic Supreme from aliexpress with a Delta 23 tank. This unit is a work of art. However a word of caution for the first time user like me. I downloaded the newest myvapour (ver 1.3) software from Joyetech and when i plugged my eVic said upgrade the firmware which i promptly did. Result? the damn unit hung and i felt that i had lost the piece even before it started. There is no information available on the Joyetech site. finally on a gut and a lot of trolling, i downloaded the older version of the myvapour software which detected that the unit was on "safe more" and did a reset. Its amazing that Joyetech does not have a good FAQ or a trouble shooter guide.

Otherwise this unit tells me number of puffs, time of each pull and you can also set limits of puffs per hour / day etc. For someone like me who is using vaping as a method of quitting cigs and been off it for 3 weeks so far. looks good. I however am not aware as to how long the fad will last.

My advice to any potential user is

1. download and use only the older myvapour software and not the version 1.3
2. upgrade your firmware to 2.1 and not 2.2
3. have fun vaping.