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Thread: Import Laws

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    Dont order the sub box mini kit and the 18650 battery together so that u can select hongkong post which will make your item come very soon. You can buy 18650's in India too. But if you wish to save 100-200bucks you can order from FT. ( it wont either be a problem if you ordered them both together as the pakage stays below 5000 as jay bhai said, saying for convienience) And for the liquids try to keep it small. And would Suggest you dont order too much eliquid from FT altogether as they are mostly chinese liquids some like them some dont, try to to know what suits you better, than go for big. Cuz there are many options available for eliquids and all dont taste the same. Dont forget to select hard box protective packaging

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    Hey guys, i am new to the forum and just read about the problems people are facing. I have my cousin ordering sending me 2 packages from US. One with a mod and tank and the other one with 6*15ml eliq. Any suggestions as to how should I go about it and also is fedex/dhl/usps which of them is the best to avoid the hassle. I'll be getting them shipped to Jaipur so it'll have to go through delhi customs i suppose. Help needed guys!

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    USPS priority with tracking - not express.
    Thats the best bet, ime.

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