I was lucky to win the Giveaway by Ave40 during the later part of January. The prize was an iJust Start starter kit. I wanted to give back to the community by doing a short review. This would be my first review as I’ve been a vaper for only 5 months now, so bear with me and do give any feedback you can. To set a control, the devices I have used are the eGo One XL starter kit with which I started and the Subtank Mini that I use now with the evic VTC mini.

Justin from Ave40 who held the giveaway shipped the device to me 2 days after I had given him my address details. He had shipped it through Singapore Post on 28th of Jan and it reached my address on the 13th of Feb. The packaging was simple but effective and well protected and there was no damage to the device.

Box and Contents
The product box is quite simple but nice. On the outside there is the mention of the color (mine was Silver) of the device, the variant (two are available, the “Start” and “Start Plus”, I received the former), and an authenticity code on the bottom beneath a scratch layer.

Inside the box there was a device, the tank and the battery already assembled with a coil in the tank. Beneath was one extra coil (both coils 0.75, Kanthal) a USB charging cable, a manual and a silicone AFC ring in white color.

The battery was not charged out of the box and had to be charged for full 3 hours before it read as fully charged.

Specs and Price
As given in the eleaf website:
Diameter: 16.5mm
Length: 141.3mm
Battery capacity: 1300mAh
Liquid capacity: 2.3ml
Resistance: 0.4ohm-3.5ohm
Thread type: 510 thread

It is listed at the Ave40 website at $24.90. Link

Initial Impressions
The device was quite slim and light weight to hold in the hand. At 16.5mm dia it is a pleasure to hold and sits comfortably in the pocket of my jeans. The material seems rather thin and cheap at first but the finish is rather good and there were no jagged edges or wonky threads anywhere.

The tank is bare bones with just a frame to hold the coil in place and a chimney with the rest of the space available for the juice to play around in. There is no dome for the chimney, the coil head directly feeds into the chimney and to drip tip. The two air flow slits at the bottom of the tank are of sufficient size but there is no built-in AFC ring, you will have to use the provided silicone AFC ring if you want to reduce the airflow but I was quite comfortable leaving it fully open. The driptip included is a transparent one that feels comfortable and doesn’t transfer the heat; it’s made of Pyrex , I suppose, nothing is mentioned on the website about it.

The coils included were mentioned as the GS Air Pure Cotton atomizer heads in the website. The wicking holes are quite big and I felt confident as I primed them and filled some 70vg liquid (Collision by Ali bhai at 3mg) in the tank.

How does she Vape?
The draw was quite smooth with the airflow keeping up quite nicely and produced a surprisingly large and satisfactorily dense cloud for just a tiny device. The flavor was really full-fledged and deep and left me equally surprised. Now, the Collision is a neat flavor with a wide profile as far as I know and it brought it all to the table even with the first draw.

With the wide drip tip and the airflow leaning towards the larger side, the tank lends itself to direct lung hits. But the wicking is quite limited and you’ll have to be satisfied with smaller draws. The tank also gets quite hot even after just 5 puffs and you can’t possibly chain vape with it, thankfully the drip tip does not transfer the heat and you don’t risk burning your lips.

The 1300 mAh battery is protected but unregulated and delivers the voltage as is and the level is indicated by the blinking of the light around the button. It took around 4 hours with moderate amount of vaping for the battery to get to rapid blinking, followed by 2.5 hours of charging. But the vapor and the flavor suffer a significant drop even at halfway that time.

All said, I like this slim yet powerful device. The website calls it “the perfect transition device” and it could be just that. It is a great device to introduce a person to what vaping can do but they will eventually be left wanting for more. I had a positive response from a smoker friend of mine to whom I demonstrated the device and he was quite enthusiastic about it. As a starter kit, in my opinion, it can serve those smokers who are looking to quit a one or two cigarettes a day habit or those who only smoke socially and want to switch over. But for those who are looking to quit a hardcore cigarette addiction, they would be better served some of the bigger devices in the market.

For an experienced vaper with bigger devices at hand, it could be a smaller sidekick that you can slip into your pocket for an evening walk to the park or a date night to the cinemas. It could also be perfect as a spare device that you can keep handy to lend to those curious people at a large party who come asking about your personal vaporizer.

That's all folks, I'll try to get a couple of pictures up soon but my phone camera is not cooperating today. Cheers!

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