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    Default Mech Mods and Rebuildable Atomizers Vaping Guide

    I have been asked (and I'm sure, many of you have been asked), what does it take to switch over from eGo kits to vaping on a mech mod + rebuildable atomizer (RDA/RTA/etc)? I have put together this mech mods vaping guide to explain what it would take to begin vaping on a mech mod and a rebuildable atomizer.

    First you need to understand and think why do we vape? Is it to just avoid stinkies or is it more than that? If you have been vaping on eGo, clearomizers, etc and they worked for you in staying away from stinkies, GOOD! Stick to it "unless" you have a good budget to begin with.

    Mark my words, "Stick to your eGo kit and clearomizers unless you have a good budget".

    From "good budget" I mean, whatever it takes! I really appreciate all those who ask out what it takes to get into mechs and rebuildables because unless you know what it takes, you will just waste your time, energy and resources. Writing this little tutorial along with the costs involved. Here's what it takes to get into mechs and rebuildables:

    Mech Mod: What is a mech mod? Mech is the short of mechanical, something that does not involve wires and stuff. That's the first thing you would need to begin vaping on mechanical mods. A few of good mods are:

    Nemesis SS Mod: SKU 1604509

    There are other popular mods like the Stingray, Caravela, Launcher, etc. Most mech mod clones are available around $20. A bit more or less, depends if you are going for a newly launched mod or an oldie mod. With mech mods, you would need to buy batteries and charger separately. Also, in case you go for rebuildable atomizers, you will have to buy an Ohm checker too. This is the reason why the costs go up.

    Rebuildable Atomizer: We all know what are rebuildable atomizers: drippers and rebuildable tank atomizers. The advantage of a rebuildable atomizer is that you can rebuild your own coils/wicks/etc. It is indeed cost effective (in the longer run) in comparison to a clearomizer but definitely not a "necessity". Some of the popular rebuildable atomizers:

    RTA = Kayfun Lite: SKU 1605200 (mouth-to-lung) OR Aqua V2: SKU 1980802 (Lung hits)
    RDA = Origen V3: SKU 2264805

    There are many other good rebuildable tank atomizers like the Goliath V2, Subtank Mini, etc. And, good rebuildable dripping atomizers like the Origen, Magma, Plume Veil, Velocity, etc. You can pick up any one of those and just watch some Youtube videos to learn how to rebuild your coils and stuff.

    The story doesn't just finish over here. There's a whole bunch of other stuff you will need in order to keep going. Here is a list of all the stuff you will need apart from a mod and an atty:

    Batteries - Best 18650 high drain batteries.
    Charger - Best 18650 battery chargers.
    Kanthal Wire - Kanthal A1 Wire. I would recommend this one: SKU 2076000 (28 AWG which is pretty good for tanks and drippers).
    Wicking material - Organic cotton Koh Gen Do is the best. SKU 2190000.
    OHM Checker - This tool is very-very important! Get this one: SKU 1721500.
    Tools - You will also need a few tools like a pair of tweezers, nose pliers, scissors, screwdrivers, syringes, blunt needles, etc. All of those are available on FT.

    And, you may also need stuff like the wire coiling jig tool. I wrap my coils around a 2mm screwdriver but you may find manual coiling a bit difficult in the beginning. Get a jig tool like this one: SKU 2072202

    Let's put a cost for all of the stuff you will need to switch from eGo type to a Mech mod + rebuildable atomizer:

    Mech mod = $20
    Rebuildable Atomizer = $15
    Batteries = $20
    Charger = $20
    Kanthal = $5
    Wick stuff = $5 (Add shipping to it. Won't recommend buying cotton from FT. You will have to buy it from elsewhere)
    OHM Checker = $20
    Tools = Just add whatever you think you may need.

    We are roughly looking at about $100 to $150 worth investment. So in INR, you need at least Rs 6500 - Rs 8500 to begin with vaping on a mech mod + rebuildable atomizer. Trust me, you will need more than that but I have been a bit too generous in adding up the costs You may need different wires, wicks, tools, RTAs, drippers and many more items. Consider that it is all an expense that may easily stretch to Rs 15000. That's a ballpark figure you're looking at investing.

    So please decide, are you willing to spend all that much? Are you willing to LEARN? There's going to be a pretty steep learning curve to using a mech mod, using a rebuildable atomizer, building coils, etc. If you are prepared to do all of that, hats off to you!

    If you have any questions about this guide, please feel free to ask. Thanks for reading!

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    Default Re: Mech Mods and Rebuildable Atomizers Vaping Guide

    Wow, wonderful write up Andy bhai

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    Default Re: Mech Mods and Rebuildable Atomizers Vaping Guide

    Just my opinion, if you are getting into rebuildable rtas, get yourself a KF lite ( not V2 ) from FT first.
    This is one no one should miss , imo
    Also probably the most well known RTA out there, and for good reason

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    Default Re: Mech Mods and Rebuildable Atomizers Vaping Guide

    Nice post bro
    was thinking to do so but the cost discouraged me this time maybe will try after sometime once get an increment.

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