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    Default Which is your favorite Mech Mod?

    Mine is the Astro SS+Brass mixed version.

    Astro Mixed - SKU 1467000

    Astro Mixed version is sold out currently but have also ordered the SS version SKU 1622600

    Should have it in 3 or 4 days at max

    So what's your favorite tube mod, if any?

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    Default Re: Which is your favorite Mech Mod?

    Hi Andy bhai,

    My current fav is the SMPL (SKU1943604), that's a KISS :P . But, it has no 510 pin, so be extra careful.
    My best work horse: Nemesis (SKU1448300), a must have for any respectable vaper

    Others that i like: brass PAPS (another good work horse), LPG (micro, cute and works perfectly), 4nine (for crazy people only), Paragon (stylish copper), Hammer (OK only with a replaced top cap), Nemi (mini Nemesis).
    I had also an Atom (good, quite similar to the Astro) and a Stingray X (i would not recommend, too fragile).
    All are from FT.

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