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    Default Shenray Fillian RDA Review and Building Tutorial With Pics

    Shenray is an emerging brand, that just launched the Fillian RDA which is a sort of RDTA (Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer). Although the atty is being called a RDA, it is a RDTA in my opinion because it hosts a 5ml tank below the build deck. So either you can fill up the tank or simply drip from the top. It is a brilliantly designed RDTA which is not only great on clouds but awesome on flavor too! I have been using this tank straight from last 7 days and it is simply a magnificent atty! It is right now available on for $29.95

    [img height=337 width=600][/img]

    Price: $29.50 (Click here for full specifications > FocalEcig SKU 45113)

    [size=1.45em]Shenray Fillian RDA Review[/size]

    Construction and Build Quality: The Shenray Fillian RDA is constructed beautifully! No sharp edges, no flimsy parts at all. The dripper is constructed very nicely while keeping "precision" in mind. All the parts are designed to perfection. The threads are buttery smooth and no sharp threads anywhere except in the 510 connector. The drip tip is wide bore for cloud-chasing. The atty has wide airflow slots that deliver enough air for extreme builds. The airflow system is very good. The post holes and post screws are pretty good. Although I don't like grub-screws but the screws used on this atty are good quality and won't strip-off if you tighten them too much.

    Flavor and Fog: This atty is on roids! Produces excellent clouds and excellent flavor. The huge 5ml tank below the build-deck is nice, no need of carrying a bottle with you all the time. On my short trips, the tank below the deck is pretty helpful. Since the atty has huge juice channels, there literally zero issues with wicking! I use enough cotton in both the coils and that helps in wicking juice faster. You can build single coil or dual coil, as per your liking. You can close one of the airflow slots in case you wish to build single coil. This atty is simply outstanding in flavor and fog.

    Packaging and Shipping: The atty comes in a very nice box which is hard enough to keep the atty protected through transit. Also, FocalECig has now started shipping products in box packaging, which is awesome! My atty came without any problems, properly wrapped in bubble wrapping and packed in a box.

    Verdict: Highly recommend the Shenray Fillian RDA to those who love vaping on a RDA but don't like carrying a juice bottle alongwith all the time. Again, there is zero problem with wicking, so no need of carrying a bottle. The price is spot-on too for an authentic atty, can't get any better than that!

    Shenray Fillian RDA Video Review:

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    Default Re: Shenray Fillian RDA Review and Building Tutorial With Pics

    This RDTA will NOT allow me to vape on anything else! Even Griffin 25 sucks after vaping on the Fillian. I fkng want to vape on my X1 which is equally good (but I have to drip every now and then in it). This RDTA has made me lazy as fck and even my X1 is not getting much love from me these days. And it is making me feel like I wasted money on the Griffin 25. I&#039;m a bit pissed off :/

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